lemon sole

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highly valued almost pure white flesh

popular pale brown food flatfish of the Pacific coast of North America

small European sole

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Season to taste and pour over the lemon sole fillets.
Locally sourced from the West Country Shores, Paramount's succulent Lemon Sole & Asparagus Fishcake is a perfect blend of lemon sole and mashed potato.
STUFFED LEMON SOLE (serves 4) INGREDIENTS: 75g (23/4oz) butter; 2 fennel bulbs, trimmed and finely chopped; 3 garlic cloves, sliced; 24 pitted green olives, chopped; 300g (101/2oz) uncooked peeled baby prawns; juice of 1 lemon; 1tbsp chopped tarragon; salt and black pepper; 4 small whole lemon soles, cleaned; olive oil, for drizzling.
This recipe of stuffed lemon sole ingnited Simon's passion for food
The legendary manager said he was very particular about what his players eats before a match, and he basically used to keep them on a diet of toast, honey and lemon sole, which in turned used to make them go crazy.
PAN SEARED LEMON SOLE FILLETS & CRAB CRUSHED JERSEY ROYALS (for 4) ingredients 2 lemon sole fillets; 100g caper berries; 100g gherkins; 100g butter; juice 1 lemon.
I had the lemon sole with new potatoes and green beans (pounds 11.
Each box contains four types offish, including sea bass, lemon sole, sea bream and halibut.
Cumbrian Seafoods, the UK's 3rd largest chilled seafood supplier, has announced that it has started to supply ASDA with responsibly sourced lemon sole fillets and pan ready lemon sole.
This is interesting, because the one true species offish properly identified as lemon sole, Microstomus kilt, is found only in Europe.
Dishes were superbly prepared, with no shortcuts on ambition: parsley- and citrus-coated lemon sole, chateaubriand (prepared exactly to order), herb-crusted lamb rack, broiled lobster tail.
He lost pounds 55,540 and thought of changing his order to rock salmon, but Gladys had moved on to plaice, and had half a mind to try the lemon sole.
Wildfish is open exclusively for dinner, and offerings include Chilean Sea Bass, Pacific Ahi Tuna, Gulf Coast Snapper, Block Island Swordfish and Georges Bank Lemon Sole, among others.
In addition, a selection of stand-alone dishes like monkfish curry, lobster and fries and whole lemon sole are available.
I opted for the fillet of lemon sole and wasn't disappointed at missing out on the lamb.