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a bundle of sensory nerve fibers going to the thalamus

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It is generated by synchronous firing of neurons along auditory nerve, cochlear nuclei, superior olivary nucleus, lateral lemniscus, and inferior colliculus.
The stimuli then pass through the medial lemniscus to the thalamus and reach the primary sensory cortex generating the N20/P22 potential.
Noel, Ozaki and Desmedt (46) presented three patients whose N18 component remained intact although they had lesions at the medial lemniscus levels including the midbrain and upper medulla.
The topics include the physics of sound, the anatomy and physiology of the cochlea, the lateral lemniscus and inferior colliculus, perceptual correlates of frequency coding in the auditory system, and intensity coding throughout the auditory system.
The spinal cord is frequently also involved, especially with demyelination of lateral corticospinal tracts, dorsal columns and medial lemniscus.
These transient occurrences reflect stimulus spread to the medial lemniscus, internal capsule, ocular motor nerve nuclear complex, and the limbic portion of the STN, respectively.
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