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a melodic phrase that accompanies the reappearance of a person or situation (as in Wagner's operas)

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No clues to what was 'neben' the leitmotiv, but Bill wasn't interested in clues now.
Grohe's 'Urban Village' exhibit at the ISH 2011 show featured the leitmotiv 'enjoy water', a booth which celebrated wellbeing, value and water, underpinned by the four pillars of the brand - quality, technology, design and sustainability.
He employs a recurrent but rather pointless leitmotiv in his formidably complex work, and uses his ambitious but radically flawed novel to vent his mean Veen-spleen while taking a gratuitous kick at Malraux.
Tambien se estudia con detenimiento el leitmotiv del padre muerto y el encuentro del nuevo padre putativo de la nacion espanola con una nueva generacion de lectores.
They launched Leitmotiv soon thereafter, with Carro giving shape to Sasso's artistic graphics in the form of T-shirts, button downs and bags.
of Pittsburgh) argues that a leitmotiv that ran through Dewey's works was the quest to synthesize experiential and intellectual mysticism with a Prometheanism that understands humanity as its own creator of meaning and value through the active control of nature by inquiry.
This issue is devoted to the above-mentioned directions and their interplay and applications, having interpolation, inequalities, operator and algebraic structures as the leitmotiv.
The Thoroughbred race is a 2200m handicap and the Mosabah Al Muhairi team are well represented with top-weight Detonator and Leitmotiv appearing their strongest hopes.
Gypsy pendant lamp chandelier by Leitmotiv Features pounds 69.
This beautiful Leitmotiv Vino Glass Chandelier could be just what you''re after, and it's sure to be a talking point at dinner parties.
VE, Chicca Lualdi BeeQueen and Leitmotiv -- participated with a collective show at RFW.
More to the point, the empty spaces often found in cubist paintings or even the end game works of 1950s gesturalists is the show's constant leitmotiv.
Grandville's image, printed in color on the invitation card for the show, acts as a leitmotiv, one that makes Perret's commune look like an attempt to reconsider--to recritique--the rise of industrialization in nineteenth-century Europe and the dizzying aftereffects of mass consumption.
We are not happy with the present situation in Africa" was the leitmotiv of the African NGO representatives who attended the Gaddafi International Foundation's symposium in Tripoli.
Physical impulse is the choreographic leitmotiv of the ballet, which in the first part describes the masculine pack's wildness and boldness with big jumps, runs, fighting embraces; in the second part it illustrates feminine acceptance of the rules of nature with trembling pelvic bursts and small, shy jumps.