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Synonyms for leisure

at your leisure


  • in your own (good) time
  • in due course
  • at your convenience
  • unhurriedly
  • when it suits you
  • without hurry
  • at an unhurried pace
  • when you get round to it

Synonyms for leisure

freedom from labor, responsibility, or strain

Synonyms for leisure

time available for ease and relaxation

freedom to choose a pastime or enjoyable activity

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In a recent paper, Benjamin Bridgman, an economist at the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), shows that many of the inconsistencies found in the literature can be resolved by treating leisure as an economic activity, where consumption and leisure are nonseparable.
Total quantity or scope: South Northamptonshire Council and Cherwell District Council are seeking one or more specialist Leisure Operators with whom those contracting authorities can establish respective long term partnerships to deliver quality sports and leisure services to their residents and visitors to their areas.
In a textbook introducing students to what social scientists have to say about leisure, Bramham and Wagg ring ideas and practical aspects of leisure through the life stages of humans.
OLYMPIAN Duncan Goodhew (pictured) has given the thumbs up to improvements at Vale of Glamorgan leisure centres.
Seeking to connect the idea of leisure to the idea of progress, Stebbins (sociology, University of Calgary) provides a conceptual statement of leisure that goes beyond the definitions found in dictionaries and handbooks.
PROPERTY consultancy GVA is to expand its presence in the hotels and leisure market with the acquisition of Humberts Leisure.
A LEISURE centre has been praised for its pledge to improve activities for children.
CHAMPION boxer Paul Truscott says a scheme to get more people using leisure centres is a real knockout.
One dimension of family life that has been found to influence family functioning is family leisure.
Dance Hall Days: Intimacy and Leisure among Working-Class Immigrants in the United States.
Leisure is one of the great growth industries on the planet: but instead of benefiting humanity, it has destroyed much of what we hold most dear.
Increasingly, leisure education is seen as important in North America and throughout the global community (see Ruskin & Sivan, 1995).
Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre and Foleshill Sports and Leisure Centre are offering canoeing taster courses starting tomorrow and continuing for the next few weeks.