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a spear with three or more prongs

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This year's honoree, Donna Leister, has spent her entire career serving Marylanders with exceptional nursing care," said Joseph DeMattos, HFAM president.
Leister Technologies will exhibit their new product, designed for safety and environmental applications, at the RD&D Expo, Nov.
Leister - Elise and Lance Leister, of Eugene, a son.
At the show, the European divisions of Bielomatik, Leister Technologies, and Branson Ultrasonics displayed more cost-effective, plastics-specific systems than ever.
LEISTER Technologies, LLC located in Schaumburg, Illinois announces that they have been successful in laser welding PEEK(TM) (Polyaryletherketone) thermoplastic material, by Victrex USA Inc.
FAN BLOG DAVE LEISTER @DaveLeister MOST Saturday afternoons football supporters fill the grounds of Premier League teams throughout the land and the games in lower tiers are also well supported.
Bernd Leister, CEO of atecom added, "We have been very convinced by the functional density of the AT4848 device in combination with the excellent support we gained from Arrive.
Leister Process Technologies of Sarnen, Switzerland, introduced its new Modulas laser welders to the U.
Tenders are invited for Hot Air Gun, Make-Bosch, Leister,Hitachi Stenil.
FAN BLOG RYAN LEISTER @MrRyanLeister WHEN Roger Johnson signed from Blues in the summer of 2011 for a reported PS4 million, not many would have predicted what was going to follow for the player or Wolves.
According to licensed professional counselor Jennifer Leister, "Not only is this a time to reach out to children that need our help, but this is also a great opportunity to teach our kids about the importance of helping others.
Leister, of Eugene, formerly of Veneta, who died Feb.
A new Triac hand-held, PID-controlled welding tool will be introduced by Leister Elektro-Geratebau of Kagiswil, Switzerland.
Promoting international markets for our farmers and food processors is a long term benefit to state agriculture," said Janet Leister, manager of the Food and Agriculture Marketing Program.