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flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes

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Partner Ecosystem - RapidLEI is a partner-first company, and in the first quarter announced multiple global strategic relationships including APIR, LEI Register, ProfileAddress, Managed LEI and GoGetSSL.
Pela caracterizacao da condicao natural da humanidade fica claro que e pela instituicao da lei positiva, com previsao de penalidades, que o Estado podera ter condicoes de assegurar a paz entre os homens.
In March 2012, the Central Committee of China's ruling Communist Party issued the "Suggestions on Strengthening Activities to Learn from Lei Feng"--a peace-time soldier who died in 1962 (Zhonggong zhongyang bangongting yinfa "Guanyu shenru kaizhan Lei Feng huodong de yijian", 2012).
The court believed Lei asked Ming to lend the money to Xiao to avoid the release of his sex video, despite knowing that it was a case of extortion.
Lei, 29, of Walker, Newcastle, said: "I had just pulled up into a parking bay at the Station Hotel when I ran over the road to get some money and go to the toilet.
1994, the year Qi Lei committed suicide, followed Tiananmen square by only half a decade.
Why do people wear leis? It's a tradition that began long ago, when islanders believed that leis held magical power and brought good luck.
"We are very pleased that through our accreditation as an LEI issuing authority by the GLEIF, Ubisecure's operational excellence has been recognized," commented Steve Roylance, VP Identity Services for Ubisecure.
The seven-hour trial focused on whether Lei accepted a 3-million-yuan (489,000 U.S.
“It's a gorgeous lei for a great cause,” said Emily Steele, President of Hawaii Flower Lei.