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Leguminous plants in semi-arid areas normally have a dual symbiosis with fungi and bacteria, which represents an evolutionary strategy.
In this context, the development of a new approach for the protection of stored food stuff based on the use of the natural and edible food substances such as leguminous plants containing entomotoxic proteins would reduce considerably the environmental risks associated with the use of these phytosanitory materials for protection [18].
The leaves, vines and roots of leguminous plant species were of the same effect on the soil chemical properties.
Leguminous plants are characterized by the ability to biologically fix the atmospheric nitrogen in the soil, thus improving diet quality and reducing the use of nitrogen fertilizers (CARVALHO; PIRES, 2008; PACIULLO et al.
The pinnate foliage of this leguminous plant has the aroma that you seek.
In May 1997, the animal felt ill, and the owner, aware of its food preference, began feeding it exclusively with this leguminous plant.
For example, the leguminous plant Medicago sativa (alfalfa) secretes specific identifying flavonoids (luteolin and apigenin) into the soil to recruit the soil bacterium Sinorhizobium meliloti for symbiosis (Peters and Long 1988).
Golden peanut oil is a by-product of the leguminous plant native to Mexico.
23 Leguminous plant, the seeds of which are sprouted for use in salads (7)
Cruz and Lemaire (1986) showed that experiments undertaken in France with dactylis (Dactylis glomerata) intercropped with alfalfa (Medicago sativa) failed to demonstrate a direct pathway of N from the leguminous plant towards the other through biological fixation; moreover, alfalfa competes with the grass for inorganic N in the soil.
The fruit of which leguminous plant is used as a natural laxative?
Besides, his bird of paradise bush - a leguminous plant from Argentina - is hardy enough to withstand the coldest weather Los Angeles has to offer.
Although there were no high values for some nutrients in the soil when Leucaena was used (Table 1), the green fertilization with this leguminous plant allowed a greater biomass accumulation.