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The legume blend (clovers) in Field A fixates nitrogen in the soil, saving on fertilizer costs when Field A is rotated into winter forage (turnips, rape, sugar beets, etc.
Since pinto beans, garbanzos, navy beans, lentils, and other non-soy legumes are consumed far more commonly than soy in Western countries, it was time to sift through the medical literature and identify the small but well-conducted randomized, controlled trials of non-soy legume dietary interventions in order to conduct a meta-analysis, explained Dr.
Molecular phylogenetic analysis has been revealing of many unsuspected findings, and this has been particularly true of studies in the legume family.
Starting in 2000, though, researchers have found legume nodulators in an entirely different branch, called beta.
The following points are made to assist with an understanding of legume terminology.
Further land grant universities were divided in their recommendation for the use of legume inoculants.
Improved knowledge of legumes may help students alter their own dietary habits and be better equipped to support national (and international) recommendations regarding legume intake for others.
Phytoalexins, which are phenolic phytochemicals found in legumes, have antimicrobial activity.
The farmers found that all the legume combinations improved soil fertility by providing nitrogen and organic matter to the soil.
Also, do not use nitrogen when renovating into grass fields because it will increase the grass competition with the legume seedlings.
We have shown in Zimbabwe, however, that legume growth and nitrogen fixation can be limited by the availability of phosphorus in the soil.
It's easy to get into a soybean rut, eating this one legume at the exclusion of most others.
Over the long-term, however, differences in soil N between a legume such as field pea and wheat are small due to presumed recycling of leached N by the latter (Hulugalle et al.
has entered the food marketplace with a line of legume mixes.
Resignedly, my mother sat down at the kitchen table and opened her cookbook to the legume section and checked off several recipes that struck her fancy.