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Thus, power struggle to have a good grip on ideological power emerges from its distinctive form of social organisation to legitimatise specific forms of authority and to solve contradictions in society.
So will Microsoft's acquisition of Skype legitimatise the latter's service and consequently ease the TRA's policy concerning VoIP?
Justice in Sudan, or anywhere else for that matter, cannot be obtained through such practices which are at best "unhelpful" and at worse could be used by the international order's self-appointed policemen to further legitimatise their destructive policies of "intervention" -- economic sanctions, war, and the rest.
2001), this may occur because foreign customers tend to be less able to monitor the performance of the facility or firm--as a result, more visible signs of environmental commitment such as having an EMS or a certified EMS (eg, ISO 14001 or EMAS) may legitimatise their reason for doing business with the facility.
Effective local campaigning is one thing' the use of that to legitimatise an abhorrent ideology is quite another.