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Synonyms for legitimacy

the state or quality of being within the law

Synonyms for legitimacy

lawfulness by virtue of being authorized or in accordance with law

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They have low regard for legitimacy and local or international acceptability.
Shaikh Khalid added that the Bahrain Defense Force is present with their brothers of the Saudi and UAE forces everywhere in which confrontations against the enemies of stability and against the coup in Yemen, and that the Kingdom of Bahrain will remain in this position until the legitimacy of sovereignty over all parts of Yemen.
If legitimacy is the right to rule as perceived by those who are ruled, an assessment of Asad's legitimacy must be informed by Syrian history and society.
I plan to make the aforementioned points in the course of responding to two main objections that Weinstein levels against the arguments I made concerning hate speech regulations and political legitimacy in Chapter 7 of my book.
Legitimacy is the perception that an authority is entitled to the power it has--the belief that one can rely on and support the decisions of an authority figure.
In that context, legitimacy as opposed to legality is used to indicate a judgement based on values different from those of conformity with the law.
Gilley deals extensively with the literature on the legitimacy of states, both from the domestic and the international viewpoint.
One important institution, such as the institution President, cannot exist without having consent and recognized legitimacy from the two largest communities", said spokesperson Bujar Osmani.
It is impossible to talk about the legitimacy of anti-terrorist efforts in Syria of any other foreign country except for Russia and Iran.
At the very least, one would hope that the major powers in global health would have formal legitimacy to act on behalf of these groups.
Social and intellectual legitimacy: The AKP's social legitimacy was around 34 percent when it came to power in 2002.
The way government gets legitimacy has been at the centre of political inquiry.
It is now widely accepted that legitimacy is a desirable property for international organizations (IOs) to exhibit as well as something challenging and elusive for them to achieve.
BDI's leadership will have to decide Friday at the latest whether to recognize the legitimacy of President Gjorge Ivanov and continue negotiations over striking their third governing coalition with VMRO-DPMNE or cease talks altogether.
The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan has created a parliamentary commission to examine legitimacy of establishment of the Parliament's special representation office in Moscow during Ahmatbek Keldibekov's tenure as Speaker.