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Synonyms for legitimacy

the state or quality of being within the law

Synonyms for legitimacy

lawfulness by virtue of being authorized or in accordance with law

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Is the Arab League "rebelling" against the legitimacies in some of its states?
As surrealistic as the accusation of the League of relying on foreign pressures to salvage itself from the uprisings and elude the day on which it will be held accountable for what it did to serve the Arab people may be, even more surrealistic is imagining this institution which is considered to represent the image of the sick man throughout the region, securing an initiative for dialogue between the Arab legitimate authorities and the uprisings' legitimacies, before the volcano topples entities and states.
Is it better to see the scenario of the Arab leaders' open summit to prevent the conflict between the legitimacies of the governments and the legitimacies of the uprisings from sliding toward factional, religious or sectarian courses?