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within, allowed by, or sanctioned by the law

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Critique: Practical, real-life based, exceptionally well organized and presented, "Never Wear White to a Jungle Juice Party and Other Legit College Tips and Hacks" should be considered to be mandatory reading for graduating high school seniors (or anyone else
About Legit Group, LLC: Legit Print is a leading online printing company located in Los Angeles, CA.
Such a prominent local push looks poised to ripple out beyond the District's borders, since the area's impact on the national legit scene has widened in recent years.
Legit or legitimate singing comes from the Western European classical singing tradition.
Of eight finalists, local hip hop crews UPeepz, Legit Status and The Alliance brought Pinoy domination to the World Hip Hop Dance championship, organized by street dance organization Hip Hop International.
In a chain of tweets, Khan challenged that whether Supreme Court (SC) probes or constitutes Joint Investigation Team (JIT) in his case, they will come to only one conclusion that he bought London flat from taxed legit cricket earnings in 1983, sold it in 2003 and brought funds back through legit banking channels.
If you get a call after that, tell them you're on the TPS and most legit companies scarper.
But as underscored by the recent movement on a couple of projects--including a developing stage version of "The Princess Bride" and a play adaptation of "Shakespeare in Love" gearing up for a 2014 West End bow--the company's legit slate is showing the kind of broad range that matches up philosophically with the increasing diversity of the larger Disney portfolio.
Snoop Lion now admits that for a period of time he wasn't just rapping about being a pimp, but he was a legit, straight up pimp.
JORDAN Young - the star of BBC Scotland comedy Legit - is the latest name to join the cast of new Irvine Welsh movie Filth.
Now flush with legit sponsors, new tricks and steady magazine/video coverage, Greathouse is in a position to teach others.
Pennsylvania's anti-kiddie-porn law succeeds in blocking more than a million legit Web sites.
After the church went legit in the fourth century, the style became legislated.
THE RESPONSE If it's a first-time flake-out or she has a legit excuse (her dog died), don't make a stink.
Operating as Edgars department store since 1929, Edcon today offers ten retail brands (including Edgars, Jet, CNA, Red Square, Boardmans, Legit, Jet Shoes, Temptations, Prato and JetMart) through its approximately one thousand stores across South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and Lesotho.