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LAHORE -- Opposition leaders first thanked the treasury benches for voting in their winning candidate Senate candidate, Chaudhary Sarwar, but at the same time demanded that the speaker take note of how Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) grabbed 26 votes, despite their legislators being just eight in number at the Punjab Assembly.
Treasury legislator Mian Muhammad Islam claimed that Hamza Sugar Mill Khanpur has issued CPR mentioning rate of sugarcane at Rs150 per maund.
She said that as both concerned parties including the minister and woman legislator are absent from the house.
After taking a pledge to abstain from alcohol to make Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's prohibition policy a success, legislators came forward to donate blood for the poor and needy patients at a cancer awareness camp organised in the Bihar legislative Assembly premises on Saturday.
Fastest way to reach them: ALL legislators have their own laptop computer
If you commit early to support a bill, chances are you will have to go to a particular lobbyist or legislator and confess to having changed your position.
In Sisters in the Statehouse: Black Women and Legislative Decision Making, Nadia Brown explores the ways in which the intersectionality of race and gender colors experiences and thereby influences legislative choices and political behavior of Black women legislators.
Abu, has landed in trouble after making misogynistic comments against women legislators in connection with the fracas that had happened in the assembly during the state budget presentation.
Arkansas Business has long advocated raising the salaries of state legislators.
Akhilesh's U-turn came after opposition leaders criticized this controversial move, which would have allowed legislators in Uttar Pradesh to buy a car worth Rs.
That puts the validity of all PERS laws made since 1975 into question, and it subjects every PERS legislator to disgorgement of all PERS benefits received in violation of their trust.
7,200 for general expenses - Each legislator receives a $7,200 annual general expense allowance.
Our purpose in meeting in the lobby was to impress legislators and lobbyists with our numbers.
Therefore, with this challenge, we designed the program, PSLA Legislators@Your Library, to train retirees as "event planners" to assist our working colleagues in organizing and conducting legislator visits.
The most effective way of transmitting a message to a legislator is a personal visit.