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(of handwriting, print, etc.) capable of being read or deciphered


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From the few legible letters and figures which remained I judge the end came some time in August, 1937, but of that I am not at all certain.
The letter had, as I said, been burned and it was not all legible.
As, however, Rosa was already able to write a legible hand when Cornelius so uncautiously opened his heart, she did not despair of progressing quickly enough to write, after eight days at the latest, to the prisoner an account of his tulip.
The letters were still legible, but it was perfectly clear from their blurred appearance, and from the staining of the skin round them, that efforts had been made to obliterate them.
Underneath is written in a hand so shaky as to be hardly legible, 'Beddoes writes in cipher to say H.
The cringing servility of his manner was due, no doubt, to the address legible on the pile of luggage, which announced their owner to be "Lady Muriel Orme, passenger to Elveston, via Fayfield Junction.
The order of the letters was now right, but the letters themselves were sometimes too faintly impressed, sometimes too much blurred together to be legible.
Her delight in having me near her, seated or standing by her side, whispering in her ear, or pressing her hand in the dance, was plainly legible in her glowing face and heaving bosom, however belied by saucy words and gestures.
ISLAMABAD -- An accountability court on Wednesday issued a notice to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) after two accused facing supplementary reference along with former finance minister Ishaq Dar sought legible and readable copies of the reference and attached material before their indictment.
Tenders are invited for Legible Leicester Map Resource
A fire-damaged memorial from Dulwich, South London, was cleaned and made legible again.
Legible Sovereignties: Rhetoric, Representations, and Native American Museums
What a relief it is to be able to read an article in legible black and white and not have to squint through a yellow reverse out of a process blue background.
A LEADING Cardiff-born author has warned that a literacy crisis among TV-obsessed school pupils is threatening the future of children who are leaving primary education without the ability to write a legible sentence.
9 standard, which states, "Identification of the sling should be maintained by the user so as to be Legible during the Life of the sling.