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Synonyms for leggy

(of plants) having tall spindly stems

having long legs

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Asked how he felt when he saw Mr Pownall's car, Peter Connors told the court: "I expected to shout at Leggy and get my money back and that was it.
For too much of last season Sunderland were a bit too predictable, a bit too 'leggy' really.
Alby got extremely vexed and told the interviewer it wasn't that Leggy wasn't answerigng, he just couldn't hear Leggy's answer, so Alby took the interviewer's microphone from him and dropped it into Leggy's water-filled tank to amplify his gurgles.
The trainer, who saddled Yachvili to finish second to Leggy Lad, also won with his only runner at Newcastle.
But Young dismissed the claims, saying: "If I was 22 and some leggy, pouty bird, then I could see it, but they're stretching it a bit thin.
It occurred lo me that, as muchas the company's tall, muscled men and the leggy, imperious Bettie de Jong superwomen (who also include Susan McGuire and Karla Wolfangle), Viola was also a "Taylor type," formed by nature and temperament in the mold of predecessors Carolyn Adams, Kate Johnson, Lila York, Raegan Wood, and Mary Cochran.
So Hassan stayed fairly still in the glass box, letting her leggy companions scamper all over her body.
Barrett plays Rebecca, an insufferable, leggy lovely who seemingly pursues attached men, including Bridget's on-off love interest, Mark Darcy.
It is easy to grow, thriving in reasonable soil in sun or partial shade, but does need pruning regularly or it will become leggy and bare.
"I might have understood if it had been a 21-year-old leggy blonde, but Lisa Riley!
Writing about Muslims, she declared, "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity." Until then, Coulter was best known as a TV pundit whose stock in trade was tossing her platinum haystack while firing off the sort of conservative bon mots more typically associated with Rush Limbaugh than with leggy blondes.
It was the world of David Bailey's photographs and Antonioni's Brow-Up, of the Mick Jagger set (more groovy than that of the Beatles, though McCartney is an excellent interviewee), of Op and Pop and new fashions paraded by leggy Chelsea models and reedy men in tight velvet flares.
Along with a gaggle of dazzled and suited Insignia brokers, there were fashionistas like Mary McFadden, assorted artsy twenty-thirty somethings wearing black and dark-framed glasses, and lots of tall leggy women, including Farkas's own six-footish blonde fiancee, Sandy Goff.
Chelsea is a good reminder to cut back herbaceous plants by half to prevent them growing leggy. Pruned Adrienne Wild plants become bushier with more blooms and should not need staking.
Rodgers (right) felt his players looked "leggy" in thr 2-1 defeat at home to Salzburg that, mercifully from Celtic's perspective, didn't prove fatal to their European ambitions.