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Synonyms for legging

a garment covering the leg (usually extending from the knee to the ankle)

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More and more women are choosing leggings as their main choice for their leg fashion wardrobe this season as new innovative styles and fabric blends are introduced.
com intends to add additional features such as a "Love it" button, monthly polls, legging features for some of the hundreds of legging styles available on OnlyLeggings.
National Leggings Month is a 30 day observance of the growing depth of style and design in the realm of women's leg fashion.
com) (Pink Sheets:BRAV) announced today that the month of June is "National Leggings Month" for 2012.
com) (Pink Sheets:BRAV) announced today that its World of Leggings retail stores and WorldofLeggings.
com intend to be the major trend setters in legging and bodysuit styles for women nationally as well as internationally.