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the gracefulness of a person or animal that is quick and nimble

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It claimed, with Zarlink's Legerity acquisition expanding its technical product portfolio, designers are offered a wide range of products for access, residential and enterprise applications.
Legerity chose to install two network attached storage (NAS) systems, which have reduced the time required to download files and run simulations.
With storage capacity at enterprises growing at more than 50% annually, many organizations like Legerity are choosing a NAS approach.
Under the agreement, Avnet will distribute globally Zarlink's optical and telecommunications products - including timing and synchronization and voice processing devices, as well as the recently acquired Legerity voice enhancement products.
Zarlink's recent acquisition of Legerity voice products further expands their technical product portfolio, offering designers a comprehensive line of products for a broad line of access, residential and enterprise applications," said Ravi Kichloo, senior vice president of global semiconductor business development for Avnet Electronics Marketing.
Under the terms of the agreement, Zarlink will acquire Legerity Holdings, Inc.
Combining Zarlink and Legerity creates a well positioned semiconductor company with the scale necessary to compete effectively in a consolidating and growing network communications industry," said Hank Perret, President and CEO, Legerity.
Legerity brings to the DSL Forum more than 27 years of circuit design experience within the telephony industry, including residential gateway and carrier-access products and xDSL line drivers, and will serve to further promote the development of industry standards.
This forum is a great opportunity for Legerity to share its thought leadership and provide valuable information to system developers.
Legerity FXS And FXO Solutions Enable Higher Voice Line Count with Increased Performance Targeting Broadband Telephony And IP-PBX Applications For SMB And Enterprise Markets
As a continuing effort to help improve the residential voice infrastructure, Legerity will participate in the development of residential gateway standards.
Legerity VeriVoice Test Suite software is a subscriber line software package for VoIP customer premise equipment, providing the market's most cost-effective and reliable solution for VoIP line test and self-test while at the same time minimizing the cost of ownership for service providers.
This year's conference features presentations from 24 Texas-based companies -- Alereon, Bandspeed, ColdWatt, D2Audio, HelioVolt, Innovative Fluidics, Intinsity, JamTech, Keterex, Legerity, Mimix Broadband, Molecular Imprints, nanoCoolers, NetEffect, NextIO, Pintail Technologies, PulseWave RF, Pyxis Technology, Quickfilter Technologies, Rivlan, Syndiant, Tehuti Networks, VizionWare and Wintegra.
Baker brings to Legerity 30 years of industry expertise, vision and thought leadership, which will help Legerity rapidly climb to the next stage of growth.
A traditional phone can be connected to a PC through a high-voltage voice interface implemented using the Legerity Le9501 SLIC.