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Synonyms for legato

(music) without breaks between notes


Related Words

connecting the notes


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Our alliance with Legato makes sense for both HP and for our Japanese customers," said Gil Merme, general manager for HP's Storage Systems Division.
It provides the core tools a customer needs to manage across multiple Legato data zones effectively, including policy-based administration, software distribution, media management, and flexible software licensing.
For additional information on all Legato Systems' enterprise storage management software products, please contact Legato sales in Tokyo via phone at 81-3-3392-1633, or via e-mail at sales@legato.
Note to Editors: Legato NetWorker is a registered trademark, and NetWorker Archive, NetWorker HSM, ClientPak, SmartClient, SmartMedia, StorSuite, BusinesSuite, Power Edition, Legato Data Backup Utility, Legato GEMS, Saveset Consolidation, and OpenTape are trademarks of Legato Systems, Inc.