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Synonyms for legato

(music) without breaks between notes


Related Words

connecting the notes


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As part of this expansion, Legato launches Legato Digital, the company's new digital marketing division.
The later sostenuto exercises are difficult if a clean legato is to be achieved (how about a really good pianissimo slur from C2 to C4 and down again?) The articulation ones have surprising intervallic patterns which keep the player musically alert.
In the LEGaTO project, we will leverage task-based programming models to provide a software ecosystem for made-in-europe heterogeneous hardware composed of CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and dataflow engines.
The Legato platform is an open-source embedded platform built on Linux and designed to simplify the development and scalability of IoT applications.
Hyundai Motor Company (KSE: 005380), a South Korea-based automaker, in collaboration with SEMA partner ARK Performance has unveiled its Legato, a Genesis Coupe-based concept, at the 2013 SEMA Show.
The VFX maverick has quit working for major FX houses like Digital Domain, where he spent six years supervising effects on such pics as "Apollo 13" and "Titanic." A passionate believer in the do-it-yourself approach, Legato is no longer willing to stay within the corporate confines of VFX behemoths like Digital Domain or Sony Imageworks, where shots are so rigidly pre-planned, storyboarded, pre-approved and budgeted that any changes down the line cost serious extra money.
CalPERS and Legato also made an undisclosed, joint equity capital contribution, giving them a minority, non-controlling stake in Piedmont.
But rather than simply explain away our conflicts with sweeping statements about how all men are insensitive and all women are over-emotional, Legato says the key to resolving our differences lies in understanding the way each other's brains work.
He deftly transferred energy from one body part to another and finessed the interplay between taut and legato.
Other recent milestones for UDO include application support by more than 35 software vendors including offerings from IBM Tivoli, EMC Legato and Veritas.
Among solutions supporting Plasmon UDO are EMC LEGATO DiskXtender 2000 and EMC LEGATO ArchiveXtender software solutions, VERITAS DataLifecycle Manager (by utilising Pegasus InveStore), as well as IBM Tivoli Storage Manager v.
The weird-looking Bug was the first to offer this, but now it's been joined by the Roberts Gemini 8 (left) and the Pure Legato.