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Synonyms for legality

Synonyms for legality

the state or quality of being within the law

Antonyms for legality

lawfulness by virtue of conformity to a legal statute

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It has no legality. Such committee is being constituted at the AICC level and should be constituted by the party only," Dr Tanwar told ANI on Tuesday.
"Lack of investigator speaks for the fact that the defense won't get a document which investigator was supposed to submit to the court to give an assessment of legality of Atambayev's detention," Slesarev said.
'We want to know the legality, locus standi, of assisting Dr Shahbaz Gill as ordered by the chief minister.
Bayan Muna Chairman Neri Colmenares is apprehensive that the Supreme Court's (SC) decision affirming the legality of the third martial law extension could pave the way for a nationwide martial law.
LTO to check for colorum vehicles bringing visitors to Mount Pulag !-- -- Rosette Adel ( - December 24, 2018 - 6:16pm MANILA, Philippines The MountPulag National Park advised visitors that the Land Transportation Office will recheck the legality of utility vehicles bringing tourists to the mountain's jump-off points next year.
Harmonising legality with morality in Islamic Banking and Finance was the focus at a lecture recently organised by the Forum for Islamic Education and Welfare (FIEW) for its members in Lagos.
Most recent one his trip to Cuba and his talks with Cuban officials, ambassadors of the Coalition for supporting legality and Latin America countries' ambassadors.
Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit's decision upholding the legality of the zero-emissions credit program contained in New York's Clean Energy Standard: "We are pleased that the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed dismissal of the complaint against New York's Zero Emissions Credit program, which will allow the program to continue supporting the zero-carbon, resilient and affordable electricity that nuclear power provides to the state's residents." The decision marks the second time this month the courts have upheld state ZEC programs.
Meanwhile, Tulfo reiterated that they will not return the P60 million, saying that he believes in the legality of the contract with state-run network People's Television (PTV).
Thus if the conditions were linked to laws passed by Cyprus that operated retroactively in violation of the principle of legality they could not be saved by the principle of proportionality.
They address punishment theory and legality, including distributive principles of criminal law, habitual offender statutes, the death penalty, and the legality requirement; homicide; liability doctrines; justification defenses; excuse defenses; nonexculpatory defenses; offenses against the person and property; public order and decency offenses; offenses against the community; and procedural issues.
SB Tactical has been the pioneer on this subject, working with the BATFE on clarifying the legality of this over the past several years.
He also sought an order prohibiting the DPP from carrying out any further investigations, intimidating him in relation to matters touching on the legality of titles of several plots in fraud case.
"The President's speech before the UN Security Council a few days ago that was based on international legality is the serious and only key to achieve peace and stability in the region and the world," the Spokesman said, WAFA reported.