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117) Because people disagree about these matters, they necessarily disagree about what constitutes a legalistic or a nonlegalistic judicial decision.
TWO EXAMPLES FROM CONTEMPORARY politics illustrate how legalistic constitutionalism falls short of dealing with our current problem.
Board of Education, (6) but that decision was not arrived at by legalistic analysis and could not have been.
However, if there were regular involvement of lawyers in the claims system, the informal, pro-veteran process would gradually evolve into a formal, legalistic and adversarial one.
While Hunter did indeed forecast the maelstrom of legalistic innovations that lay ahead, what uniquely redounds to Leishman's credit is the sheer tenacity with which he has charted and denounced every obtuse.
In spite of that legalistic, compliance-oriented beginning, most hospital ethics committees made themselves into extremely valuable, if not indispensable, resources.
It may be unrealistic," he advised, "to limit ourselves as we have been doing to legalistic proofs or definitely conclusive evidence that would stand up in testimony in court or before congressional committees that the Communist Party, USA, does wield substantial influence over Negroes which one day could become decisive.
administrations to maintain legalistic loopholes in arms export practices that are large enough to drive a tank through.
Now, I guess we could give that a narrow, legalistic reading, so that it does not apply to consideration by individual senators of a candidate's religious views.
Rather, it maintained a legalistic tone and was not just a tax revolt, as others have claimed.
Not only did the show present an idealized view of art as a silver bullet, but there was a corresponding misrecognition of the installation's own point of reference: When presented in a museum, a focus on administrative order and legalistic structure risks revealing first and foremost the art institution's own banal bureaucracy.
I believe they are mistaken in basing belief on legalistic definitions, and that history is against them there, but we do need to hear them say their piece, in unemotive language, and not behind closed doors.
Some major California producers, with the blessings of Wine Institute, have taken a narrow legalistic stand that there is nothing illegal about the use of, say, the word "champagne" on a bottle of California sparkling wine.
Small businesses tend to view the RFP process as some sort of legalistic ritual and wonder if they're wasting their time because the contract has already been awarded," says Michael Asner, president of Michael Asner Consulting, a small business consulting firm in Surrey, British Columbia.
It's not because Australians aren't generous people, I think it's just because we have allowed this process to become too legalistic.