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strict conformity to the letter of the law rather than its spirit

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Legalists have suggested that the omission was intentional, as the public acknowledgment that drunkenness could serve as a legal excuse would only encourage the already immoderate drinking habits of the Germans (see Lubbers, p.
One of the most central deceptions which the Legalist ruler wields pertains to what Han Feizi calls "the power of position" (shi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
My earlier example was of a judge who can think in legalist categories, and so when he votes in a novel case, a case that does not fit those categories, he is legislating unconsciously.
The domestic analogy gives us the legalist paradigm in its pure form.
Closely related to the legalist philosophy is the conception of the tax planner as an "officer of the court.
3) Vertical centrality goes beyond Confucian concept of seniority and hierarchy following the jenyi doctrine (of the mandate of Heaven) and includes Legalist concept of the superior controlling the subordinates.
Legalist paradigmanin alt yapisini olusturan yukaridaki cozumleme cercevesinde savasin ahlaki gecerligi icin bir saldiri durumunu ileri suren Walzer, sozu edilen turde herhangi bir saldiri olmadiginda da askeri mudahaleyi ahlaki olarak hakli gosterebilecek birtakim istisnai durumlari siralamaktadir.
Justice Thomas consistently sided with the legalists during the early years of the Roberts Court but has occasionally defected from the legalist coalition in recent Terms, although sometimes on grounds that are unrelated to the legalismpragmatism divide.
As noted, the Roberts Court's first five-plus terms contained a significant number of cases in which the majority and dissent reached opposing statutory constructions based on the statute's prototypical versus legalist meaning.
The book seems to be aimed at legalist readers, and the history and discussion of the state legal order is sound and informative for that purpose.
It contends that shareholders are more willing to take this action to protect their rights because of the establishment of commercial society and the existence of the traditional culture of the Legalist School.
A Belgian legalist appreciated about his country: "the legal responsibility of ministers to Parliament and not the King, his inability to keep them as expression of opinion through elections or after a no confidence vote on a important matter, these are the characteristics of the parliamentary regime [.
He has made Russia a de-facto Shia ally but does not seem to take the sectarian divisions seriously, in large part because of his legalist, state-centred worldview.
Since the Worring State period, which means since the original moment of the development of the Chinese national identity--and the subsequent unification of China during Qin Dynansy--, the Legalist philosophical tradition proclaimed the importance of firm control in the process of formation of a legal system for the regulation of political, economic and social spheres.
The Sangha's position is grounded in a strict, legalist interpretation of the Pali Vmaya.