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This is why I want to proffer reasons why it is important to legalise hemp in Nigeria.
The Russian central bank has said that it does not want to legalise cryptocurrencies in the nation.
So we need experts to go through this before we can legalise it,' he told reporters after visiting the Malim Nawar Health Clinic here.
So what happens when people say reform criminal law further, and legalise burglary?
Canada is the first industrialised country to legalise cannabis nationwide.
I think if you legalise it or decriminalise it, it's better.
THERE'S been a huge reaction on social media to calls from Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones to legalise cannabis.
In June of this year, Ohio became the 25th US state to legalise marijuana in some form, while in November, nine states will vote on measures to legalise or expand its use.
In a press release on its formal launch, the alliance says it must remain vigilant "as long as there is a political intent to legalise euthanasia in New Zealand".
As of now, according to the Gambling Act, 1955, betting stands illegal," Srivastava said at a FICCI session titled " Regulating Sports Betting: To Counter Match Fixing?" " Just because we have failed to crack down on betting, which is illegal under current laws, we should not legalise it.
With 30 years service, PC Williams, responding to a question from council chairman, Wynn Williams, said ``Personally I would not legalise cannabis,for in my view this would create serious problems.
She said she was not convinced by Ms Mowlam's argument to legalise all drugs, including heroin and cocaine.
Legalise, educate and tax rather than focusing on the negatives.