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It makes sense to legalise cannabis but our backward political class would never allow it.
The Government say there are no plans to legalise or decriminalise the drug.
The call to legalise hashish in Egypt is a joke," said Mahmoud Saleh, a researcher at the Drug Control and Addiction Treatment Fund.
Just because we have failed to crack down on betting, which is illegal under current laws, we should not legalise it.
HUNDREDS of thousands of people converged on the Eiffel Tower yesterday to protest against the French president's plan to legalise gay marriage and thus allow same-sex couples to adopt and conceive children.
Peace Now's Hagit Ofran said the move to legalise Nofei Nehemia outpost was taken "a few days ago" in contravention of Israel's commitments under the Middle East peace roadmap.
With 30 years service, PC Williams, responding to a question from council chairman, Wynn Williams, said ``Personally I would not legalise cannabis,for in my view this would create serious problems.
She said she was not convinced by Ms Mowlam's argument to legalise all drugs, including heroin and cocaine.
com/nov05election/2014/03/09/major-shift-ca-democrats-proposed-platform-plank-calls-for-full-legalization-of-pot/) San Francisco Chronicle the call to legalise, regulate and tax Marijuana in the state will be inserted in the party platform.
Wellington, Oct 28 ( ANI ): Legendary fast bowler Waqar Younis has said that it is impossible to legalise ball tampering and is calling for uniformity in the rules when punishing players in cricket.