legal transfer

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the voluntary transfer of something (title or possession) from one party to another

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Legal transfer of land to private firm awaits PM's approval
The sellers just divide the land into plots and sell them without legal transfer or property rights.
Amanda Regan, of the RYS, told The Independent there was a "vacuum of accurate information" regarding formal processes of child protection services in France and legal transfer to the UK.
The author also covers a six-step process of acquiring the collection, including such topics as appraisal, legal transfer, arrangement, and access to the materials.
The remittance industry also plays a very important role in enabling the safe, secure and legal transfer of monies that link global economies, promote income equality globally, and contribute positively to developing market GDPs.
Texts of recent legal documents include an Egyptian Administrative Court judgement of 21 June 2016 in respect of the maritime border agreement for the legal transfer of the Red Sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir from Egypt to Saudi Arabia.
The Europeanisation of law, as a legal transfer method leads to the birth of a European procedural law that is imposed, on the one hand, by the need to establish and maintain equal social peace at a European level and, on the other hand by a certain attraction between legal cultures as well as an attempt to ameliorate the differences between the legal systems.
The certificate marks the final legal transfer of membership to the newlypromoted sides.
"We therefore urge them to move to reception centres the Greek government has created for them, in humane conditions, and we will work together to speed up their legal transfer to Europe," Tsipras said.
EU-wide mechanisms that were supposed to allow for an orderly and legal transfer of refugees have yet to be established.
Privacy Shield, a legal mechanism announced this week to facilitate the legal transfer of commercial data from Europe to the U.S., is under fire from privacy advocates and lawyers who want more details on security and consumer protections.
Niki Young and Paul Hewerdine have joined Band Hatton Button, in Warwick Road, to specialise in the legal transfer of residential property.
The tax is on the vehicle not the owners and should remain so provided the legal transfer documents have been completed.
Murnane said it was impossible for him to answer specific questions about customer impact or operations, since anti-trust laws prevent Comcast from seeing Charter's physical plant "until the legal transfer of closure.''
After an overview of theory and method in the study of comparative constitutional law, part 2 explores the recasting of women and gender relations in constitutional contexts, discussing topics including same-sex marriage and legal transfer of women and fetuses.