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a system for interpreting and enforcing the laws

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The amount of respect a legal system gives to it will determine the value of the promises made in that contract.
"Domestic violence adds this whole other additional layer of complexity and fear to people being able to navigate the legal system and so being able to offer people the opportunity to get through a court case and come out on other side and have safety and security" is important, she said.
However, by abusing the legal system, spinning out appeals, she can say, "Look how long I have been in Britain".
Among his topics are the concept of national and international legal systems, international law sources and sources of law of the Russian Federation, types of reference rules and their impact on the operation and realization of norms of international law, on the procedure (methodology) of applying international treaty norms, and other international rules and instruments in the legal system of Russia.
In "Kayanerenko:wa: The Great Law of Peace Kayanesenh", negotiator, lawyer, and historian Paul Williams (who has been counsel to Indigenous nations for forty years, with a law practice based in the Grand River Territory of the Six Nations), brings the sum of his experience and expertise to this analysis of Kayanerenko:wa as a living, principled legal system. In doing so, he puts a powerful tool in the hands of Indigenous and settler communities.
If the new system can achieve this end, it will revolutionise the legal system.
In the ultimate national interest the time has come for deep introspection into our skewed legal system. The CJP has unequivocally stated that judges and the legal system need to deliver.
For Kansas City attorney Matt Merrill, however, an opportunity to analyze South Africa's legal system also brought him within a few feet of lions, hippos and elephants.
The peer-reviewed paper - Legal Origins and Female HIV - looks at different African countries including Kenya and concludes that the legacy of the legal system of the former coloniser affects HIV rates.
Too often there's a two-tier legal system in which crimes against older people are not treated as seriously as those against younger people, especially when they occur within a care setting.
SCOTLAND has had its own legal system from time immemorial.
Attorneys, legal interns, and other professionals from the Public Defender's Office have used games, presentations, and interactive video to teach youngsters about the legal system, including legal roles/process, the Bill of Rights, case mitigation, pleas and offers for case resolution, and criminal sentencing.
He said that the legal system can be improved and providing better facilitating the Bar and Bench equally, as they both are two wheels of judicial system.