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a system for interpreting and enforcing the laws

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possess each of the three essential features of a legal system, both
83% agree that the legal system makes it is far too easy to file invalid claims.
Therefore resolution 1500 provided a first step towards transforming in our imagination an act of illegal warfare and destruction of a sovereign nation's legal system into a bing bang of legality in post-invasion Iraq.
The pro-India camp will argue that free speech, the English language, a stable democracy, and a relatively predictable legal system trump Chinese dynamism.
21) Legal systems could therefore exist that are based on substantive content (though this is of course contested) and the notion of a legal system can be therefore seen as sufficiently elastic to encompass the Hart-Dworkin debate or the debate between "hard" and "soft" positivists.
The group, Justice for Wales, argued yesterday that if Wales had its own legal system, it would generate jobs, savings, and improve access to justice.
If there is plurality, then it means that there are multiple legal systems recognized as legitimate.
The applicable legal system in this world class business hub is based on a unique legal system that has been developed to boost local and international investments in the emirate.
I AM outraged to find that Sharia Law is being enshrined into the British legal system.
The entire legal system of Pakistan is based on the Shariah.
DOHA FOR the first time ever, the French civil code, whose laws form the basis of the legal system of the majority of Arab countries, including Qatar, is available in the mother tongue of these countries, the Arabic language, and in a fine reference edition published by Dalloz, renowned French publishers of legal works.
With the proliferation of specialized regimes within the overall international legal system devoted to different issue areas such as the environment or human trafficking, there is a growing need to carefully balance between the need for specialized rule systems and maintaining systemic cohesion so as to provide legal certainty, credibility, and predictability, argues the author, who investigates the question of whether the principle of system integration as contained in article 31(3)[c] of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties contributes to the attainment of coherence in the international legal system.
When the legal system is devolved to Wales the police service will clearly have to follow suit, for devolving only half of Wales' legal system to the Assembly would be an equally, if not even more, absurd policy.
Dr al-Merri discussed the importance of the separation of the judiciary, legislative and executive authorities for a state to achieve a fair and just constitution and legal system.