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and formality, have sworn that you already had the legal right you
And you, mothers of America,--you who have learned, by the cradles of your own children, to love and feel for all mankind,--by the sacred love you bear your child; by your joy in his beautiful, spotless infancy; by the motherly pity and tenderness with which you guide his growing years; by the anxieties of his education; by the prayers you breathe for his soul's eternal good;--I beseech you, pity the mother who has all your affections, and not one legal right to protect, guide, or educate, the child of her bosom!
"Your legal rights are not above suspicion, my friend," replied Tarzan, "and your power to enforce your commands are only apparent--not real.
You have no legal right to severance unless you have an employment contract, but severance pay is conscience money.
It granted a legal right to people with disabilities to be free from employment discrimination and requires certain employers to take affirmative action to employ qualified individuals with disabilities.
For many women today, it is as if the Government had taken away their legal right to reproductive choice.
government announced plans to make access to high speed broadband internet a legal right. Implementation of this by independent regulator Ofcom will take two years from the laying down of secondary legislation in 2018.
However, on any misconduct and unfair behaviour towards us by JIT during the interrogation, we would go to the Supreme Court by using our legal right besides highlighting the matter in the media', he said.
Therefore businesses that own an IRSA from 2006 or 2007 will have no legal right to take a bank to court unless their litigator has filed a complaint already.
Mr Barrett wants to keep his legal right to nominate someone to the Taoiseach.
Chidambaram said after the meeting of the Union Cabinet that the government will try to call a special session of Parliament to debate and pass the Bill, which aims at providing the legal right to subsidised food to nearly 67 percent of India's population.
Summary: Tony Nicklinson, the locked-in syndrome sufferer who lost his High Court battle for the legal right to end his life, has died.
Does my daughter have a legal right to change the locks?
Home School Heroes recounts milestones of progress reached for the right to homeschool, offers practical advice concerning what to do if state agencies attempt to interfere with the legal right to homeschool a child, and is strongly recommended for any parents seeking to pass on a religious, homeschooled education in their children.
TEACHERS will have a new legal right to confiscate pupils' mobile phones and punish unruly children outside school under government plans detailed today.
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