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And you, mothers of America,--you who have learned, by the cradles of your own children, to love and feel for all mankind,--by the sacred love you bear your child; by your joy in his beautiful, spotless infancy; by the motherly pity and tenderness with which you guide his growing years; by the anxieties of his education; by the prayers you breathe for his soul's eternal good;--I beseech you, pity the mother who has all your affections, and not one legal right to protect, guide, or educate, the child of her bosom
Your legal rights are not above suspicion, my friend," replied Tarzan, "and your power to enforce your commands are only apparent--not real.
The post Access to fast internet to become a legal right in Germany appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
government announced plans to make access to high speed broadband internet a legal right.
This new law will give employed parents a legal right to two weeks paid leave, giving them that allimportant time and space away from work to grieve at such a desperately sad time.
The plane landed in Iran when ordered to do so, as required under internationa law, and there was no legal right to shoot the plane down as long as it followed that order to land.
Just half of patients are aware of their legal right to choose a hospital or clinic for an out-patient appointment, a new poll of 2,700 patients found.
Its president Steven M Wise said: "No one has ever demanded a legal right for a nonhuman animal.
The new law states that " The family will have no legal right to refuse donation".
A legal right can be viewed as a right (as opposed to a privilege) to seek protection under the law and be directly compensated for harms done, and if the right holder is incapacitated, his or her interests can be represented by a guardian or other legal representative.
Summary: Tony Nicklinson, the locked-in syndrome sufferer who lost his High Court battle for the legal right to end his life, has died.
Does my daughter have a legal right to change the locks?
The legislation gives employees the legal right to ask for time off so they can undertake training, but, crucially, it does not give them the legal right to it.
If plans to create legal rights are given the go-ahead it will mean that from April 1 2010, patients will have the legal right to start treatment with a consultant within 18 weeks of GP referral, and to be seen by a cancer specialist within two weeks of GP referral.
But ministers will now give patients a legal right to private care - or treatment at another NHS centre if so desired - if this does not happen.
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