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a personal representative with legal standing (as by power of attorney or the executor of a will)

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Pursuant to the articles of association of the Company, it is stipulated that the Chairman of the Board of the Company shall be the legal representative of the Company.
Legal representatives from the firm Russell Jones and Walker said at this stage Richard approached medics at Solihull Hospital, who finally offered the correct diagnosis - and found he was suffering from severe Plasmodium Falciparum malaria.
However, following a Flemish anti-doping tribunal in Brussels, which was attended by both players and their legal representative - Glasgow lawyer Leo Martin - the pair have avoided punishment.
The blonde star did not appear in court yesterday but the plea of not guilty was entered on her behalf by her legal representative, James Waddington, at Highbury Corner magistrates court in north London.
Ethan Schutt was recently hired to fill the position of general counsel to serve as the chief legal representative of CIRI.
6654-2(e)(7)(ii), any joint payments made can be divided according to the agreement of the surviving spouse and the decedent's legal representative, if separate returns are filed.
Newton's legal representative, Richard Cramer, said yesterday: "We are taking barrister's opinion and if there is an opportunity to challenge this decision we will take it, possibly through the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
The document, which is expected to sell for up to pounds 60,000, notifies Lee Eastman that he is not authorised to be the Beatles' legal representative.
Further suggested that 524(g) protection will not be available where the future claimants" legal representative is not involved from the early stages of negotiations, and implied that any 524(g) plan must envision the trust's obtaining majority control of an ongoing business to provide "evergreen" funding for the trust.
Texaco's legal representative in Nicaragua, Juan Carlos Habed, insists that Texaco's primary object is to protect the environment.
Before a facility can discharge a resident, federal law generally requires the resident and a known family member or legal representative be given 30 days notice of the discharge and the reasons on which it is based.
Gunter Maerker, legal representative of the National Association of Bicycle Manufacturers (Anafabi), said this situation was occurring because Belize is considered to be a tax haven and as such has very little customs control.
Arne Os, legal representative for Ulrichsen, has said that he will appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court.
The second is whether Han Toe, a new legal representative of Aung San Oo, can proceed using the notice of suit originally signed and filed by Kyaw Zay-ya, his former legal representative.
Sleeter says the Wisconsin Elections Board confirms that his newly elected board is the town's legal representative.
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