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a personal representative with legal standing (as by power of attorney or the executor of a will)

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Legal Representative: Ferguson and John Leininger of Shapiro Bieging Barber Otteson, Dallas
The High Independent Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HAICA) said the legal representative of the private television channel Nessma met Tuesday with a board member of HAICA, in the presence of Vice President Essia Laabidi and asked the review of procedures with a view to regularising the legal status of the channel.
"From our understanding, Bella did not witness the actual killing of her mother, Shan'ann," the legal representative told Dr.
The plaintiffs' legal representative added that the defendants used their power and authority over the boys to molest them.
The main points of concern are (1) whether the legal representative of a company becomes personally liable for a crime committed by that company and (2) whether the company responds to a crime committed by its legal representative.
Justice Samuel Bola adjourned the trial over the non-appearance of legal representative for the defendant, saying the constitution recognised the right to legal aid as an integral component to a fair trial.
"Yesterday we received a request from the legal representative of the family of one of the suspects to pause the mutual legal assistance response.
The amendments of the document included also the organization of the claims receipt based on enforceable judicial judgment so they can be provided by the natural person or by his/her legal representative or the legal representative of the legal person who are injured by non-exceptional risks in the policy.
Summary: A Kenyan woman who was beaten in public by several people in Beirut's Burj Hammoud last month was deported by General Security over the weekend, the woman's legal representative told The Daily Star Monday.
Service users may also designate a person of legal age to act as his or her legal representative, except in cases of impairment or temporary loss of decision-making capacity.
A legal representative on behalf of Halton council yesterday contested both of those arguments in a review of the TPT's decision, which was heard by an independent adjudicator.
Vesna Travljanin, director of the Association, in a statement to the press, noted that, according to the Law on Principles of Local Self-Government, the Association is a legal representative of all levels of government, but that it is being ignored and disregarded.
Murtaza was also legal representative of PML-N leader Nehal Hashmi who was disqualified for five years over contempt of the court.
The 29-year-old's business manager Alan Geraghty then stepped forward and when asked if he was a solicitor by Judge Walsh, replied: "I'm his legal representative, I'm not his solicitor, I'm his business manager."
The counsel also requested the court appoint a legal representative (pleader) on the minister's behalf so the proceedings can continue.
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