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a personal representative with legal standing (as by power of attorney or the executor of a will)

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BEIRUT: The legal representative of TV presenter Marcel Ghanem has asked that the judge overseeing his case be changed after the judge "illegally" refused to accept Ghanem's preliminary defense.
Judge Walsh said McGregor or any defendant facing a charge needed to "either come to my court and make an argument themselves or send a legal representative on their behalf ".
Judge Mohammad Bashir dismissed the pleas from Dar's counsel to exempt his client from appearance and to appoint a legal representative on his behalf.
After consultations with the legal representatives from various parties, Grayston Drive/M1 Pedestrian and cyclist structural bridge collapse inquiry Presiding Officer Lennie Samuel said it would be a fruitless exercise to continue hearing testimony from Farrow as this will prejudice M&R.
Yacoub said that the legal representative called for a postponement so as to provide a statement that the prices had been changed before the incident.
A 58-year-old Sudanese legal representative for the market testified: "His job was to prepare the documents to the shareholders to send the cheques to them.
In such instances, recognized same-sex spouses now would be included in the definition of legal representative.
In such instances, recognized same-sex spouses would be included in the definition of legal representative, according to the proposal.
His legal representative Andy Iles His legal representative Andy Iles told Sheriff Carole Cunninghame he told Sheriff Carole Cunninghame he could offer no explanation for Cox's could offer no explanation for Cox's non-appearance.
In order to have an active case, according to Article 9 of the criminal procedures, requires a victim or his legal representative to raise a complaint, but since the Public Prosecution had not received a request neither from the victim nor his legal representative in this regard, therefore the Public Prosecution took no further action than referring the accused to the criminal court.
The Saudi Arabian trademarks office will use these powers of attorney to record the legal representatives / agents against each trademark and will then return the original documents to the concerned legal representative / agent.
It is a privilege and recognition for Musthafa & Almana to be the legal representative and advisors for Dubai FDI in India.
Assuming the reference to 'court' in the definition section of the professional conduct rules means mediators, the third situation is also easily resolved--a legal representative has a duty to disclose relevant binding legal authorities or legislation to the mediator (but not to her or his opponent).
Greek ambassador and legal representative in The Hague Georgios Savaidis said that the application of Macedonia against Greece before the International Court of Justice was a politically motivated plan to shun the negotiations under the auspice of the UN.
Tax bureau officials reportedly told his wife Lu Qing, the company's legal representative, that they wanted the bond paid into one of the tax bureau's bank accounts and that if the company missed Thursday's deadline to do so, the case would be sent to the police,
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