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a professional relation that is regulated by law (as between a lawyer and a client)

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In principle, the subjects of the legal relation of obligations are individualized from the very beginning of the bond, but there may be situations when the active subject is only determinable and not determined.
are confused blends of the legal relation and its object as well as the
discussing the legal relation, which is my main subject.
The legal relation conception is useful because society is
Depending on the number of subjects of the legal relation assuming obligations, the latter are classified into unilateral obligations and bilateral obligations.
It employs Wesley Hohfeld's categories of legal relations (30) to show the gradual development from more one-sided review of underenforcement claims to more symmetrical review over time that included overenforcement.
The ministry claims no legal relation, similar to a legal contract between transporters and passengers, was established between the government and the passengers at that time.
Energy security; the external legal relations of the European Union with major oil- and gas-supplying countries.
The e-mail address to write for more information about the US/Cuba Legal Forum's August 28-31 conference in Havana, Cuba -- aimed at promoting discussions of different views, exchanges of experience, and necessary reflections on the state of U.S./Cuba legal relations -- was incorrect in the July 15 News, The correct address is
The agreement on Customs Code of the Customs Union dated November 27, 2009 and a number of international agreements regulating the customs legal relations cease to operate as the agreement on Customs Code of the EAEU entered into force.
The legal status of a party to legal relations on the Internet
regulation of social relations as follows: regulation of "social relations established through exercising the right to freedom of conscience" and "freedom of religion, including the right to freely state one's attitude towards religion" (articles 1-3) in Latvia), regulation of "legal relations of religious communities and associations and the State of Lithuania" and the consolidation of "human right of freedom of religion" in Lithuania) (8) and the regulation of the relation of the state to the churches and other religious associations in Poland);
In particular, they reviewed the implementation of the Consular Convention between Russian and Kazakhstan from 1994, the Convention on Legal Assistance, Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Matters from 1993 and other bilateral and multilateral agreements.
In Romania, this theory has emerged and was developed along with the development of legal relations between the administration and private entrepreneurs who had a business in "concession of public works or public services." However, great specialists in the interwar period took it with some reservations, calling it an "exogenous institution that could not evoke the essence of the endogenous realities." (3)
However, the General Prosecutor's Office of Kyrgyzstan sent the request to Georgia for Malevannaya's extradition in accordance with the Convention on Legal Assistance and Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Cases of 22 January 1993.
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