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(law) the right and power to interpret and apply the law

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The legal power of the Convention has enabled rapid adoption of further instruments to promote its implementation, such as the guidelines on most substantive articles, (4) the reporting system, and most recently the first Protocol.
spectrum of legal power, preambles are not wholly powerless.
The first set of legal powers were granted to the Bank of England's Financial Policy Committee in April 2013.
The legal ruling confirms that councils have no legal power to incorporate Christian prayers, or any other religious practice, into their meetings.
When he announced his plans to the Commons yesterday, Moore said: "To legislate for a referendum on independence, the Scottish Parliament must have the legal power to do so.
Therefore, it may be decided if any legal power conferred by National Accountability Ordinance has edge over the existing constitutional dispensation or modus operandi.
As Llanishen Reservoir is privately owned, we could not force the company's hand as we had no legal power to do so.
The UN has said in the past that any agreement would not be binding as Holbrooke does not have legal power over the Hague Tribunal.
Army Corps of Engineers, college district officials want to obtain 10 acres, some through eminent domain -- a process in which a public or private entity is given legal power to acquire private property for the public good.
Advocate general rulings are usually approved by the full ECJ, which is the EU's ultimate legal power, so judges may now tell Systembolaget to fulfil every import order: maybe a practical impossibility.
Eight months later, however, on 18 December 2005, the Afghan cabinet approved legislation that for the first time gives Afghanistan the legal power it needs to begin bettering its environment.
Iran has put absolute political and legal power in the hands of its Islamic clerics, who can and do veto the decisions of the elected parliament.
Yes, New Hampshire DES had every legal power to do what it did.