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the branch of philosophy concerned with the law and the principles that lead courts to make the decisions they do

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large measure by Judge Frank's legal philosophy, which he applied
Prior to discussing legal philosophy in Part I, Smith sets epistemological groundwork in Chapter 1 by articulating Ayn Rand's theory of objectivity and concept-formation.
Professor Finnis, we would like to thank you once again for this wonderful opportunity to get to know your authoritative opinions on the pressing questions to which modern legal philosophy keeps seeking the answers.
6) A decade later, in an interview replying to the question: "To which problem, issue or broad area of legal philosophy would you most like to see more attention paid in the future?
the difference between legal philosophy and sociology of law.
This book originates from a proportionality colloquium held by the Public Law and Legal Philosophy Research Group at Western Law and was compiled with the aim of analyzing rights limitation in various constitutional contexts.
Legal philosophy of environmental protection is bid on this question, why should man protect their environment?
Kylyc's speech is like a manifesto on democratic political and legal philosophy.
Yet, after his experience as a political journalist for the Rheinische Zeitung in the early 1840s, he felt the need to critically engage with Hegel's legal philosophy and test it vis-a-vis the real world, its contradictions and tensions.
I have been recognized with an Alain Locke award from Howard University for work in legal philosophy, and by the Collegium of Black Women Philosophers for being the first African-American woman to hold both a JD and a PhD in philosophy.
Thus, the revision of the ideas contained in these five minutes of legal philosophy shows itself essential not only for a correct comprehension of legal positivism but also necessary for a more sober debate of its propositions.
The CJ highly appreciated the efforts of the faculty of Shariah Academy of IIUI for imparting training to the members of legal fraternity on the subject of Islamic legal philosophy and orientation in Islamic law.
Readers looking to mine this book for clues about the justice's legal philosophy will be disappointed, as Sotomayor promises from the outset.
I welcome the contribution of Dr Claudio Bozzi in this current edition and his research adds new depth to the growing intellectual history of Habermas in legal philosophy.
Thom Brooks is reader in political and legal philosophy at Newcastle University