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a person (or institution) to whom legal title to property is entrusted to use for another's benefit

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A total of 58 unaccompanied minors, whose legal guardian is the director of the social welfare services, have been placed in families," it said.
The elder brother, who is the legal guardian as per the Article 32 of the Personal Status Law, refused the man without thinking that a woman of 35 will not be able to find eligible suitors as men prefer to marry young women.
BEIRUT: Lawyers of the Tripoli Bar Association will strike Thursday in protest of a recent decision to appoint a legal guardian to oversee exam results for entry into the body.
a) The individual's legal guardian or other person who is authorized under State law to represent the individual for the purpose of making decisions related to the person's care or well-being.
Tens of thousands of Texas adults - including elderly people and people with disabilities - have legal guardians who make decisions about how their money is spent and where they live.
In the above mentioned scenarios, a consent letter is not required to travel with a child; however, other relevant documents should be presented to the border officer to show that there are no other legal guardians and if there are, his or her consent is not required for the minor to travel.
Prior to the flight parents or a legal guardian must contact the UTair office at the airport to complete an application for the chaperon service.
If inpatient treatment is needed but there is no legal guardian or the legal guardian is not available or, as can happen with severely disturbed individuals, the identity of the mentally ill individual is unknown, it is unclear who will pay the medical expenses.
The judge easily managed to circumvent that right by insisting on the ridiculous notion that the lawyer needed a legal guardian in the courtroom so she could perform her duties.
Under the ballot measure, physicians would be barred from performing an abortion on a girl under age 16 years unless the physician notifies a parent or legal guardian at least 48 hours prior to the procedure.
He introduced the bill after a girl wound up in state custody when a judge ruled her biological father could not be a third legal guardian.
Summary: Tito Jackson Junior has been named the new legal guardian of the children of the late Michael Jackson.
The Public Prosecution will have the right to appoint children with a temporary legal guardian during court proceedings.
Cynthia Stoltzmann, 44, Ame's legal guardian, and Judith Deal, 62, Stoltzmann's mother, face kidnapping and child abuse charges.
New rules for under 18s joining KiwiSaver: Those aged between 16 and 18 will need to sign the application form along with one parent or Legal guardian to join KiwiSaver.