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a fee paid for legal service

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However, legal bill auditors are expensive, and while some legal fee reductions may be obtained, the law firm may not react well to having its legal work and invoices "flyspecked" by a third-party after the fact.
Properly set up, a legal fee structure takes the lump sum that would otherwise go to the client and puts it to work in a tax-deferred annuity.
Once the remaining legal fee issues move through the courts, a similar division may again develop.
Winona Ryder's shoplifting charge racked up far larger legal fees than the typical shoplifting case.
Mr Lymath added: "Too many people and businesses are reluctant to challenge legal fees as it is often an expensive, time-consuming and complex process.
4 million Filipinos who voted for the Vice President to come together anew to help her, after Robredo admitted that the legal fees worry her more than the merits of the case filed by Marcos as she believed the latter's accusation was 'baseless.
5m in legal fees for various services, including services for venture capital investments, preparation of agreements and legal retainers.
However, fiduciaries also realize that, due to the costs of defense and the length of time an investigation can take, they lack the resources to pay for their own legal fees.
Another fixed rate: If you are a customer of NatWest then they have an existing-customer-only deal with free legal fees and no valuation costs.
Legal fees, being those of its legal representatives and any disbursements (such as expert fees).
Mersey Care NHS Trust, which runs the high-security facility, confirmed the hearing had cost them PS200,000 in legal fees.
If you are like us, you are wondering how Lindsay was paying her legal fees, because last we checked she was broke, living in a friend's NYC penthouse rent-free, and needed hand-outs from Charlie Sheen to pay her taxes.
Global Banking News-February 26, 2013--Rajat Gupta ordered to reimburse legal fees to Goldman(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
The Ulster Bank has launched a major drive offering customers various incentives - including no arrangement or legal fees.