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the body of individuals qualified to practice law in a particular jurisdiction

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Joseph Genovesi, President of RD Legal, said "It's an honor that we were chosen as the top Law Firm Funding Provider by the readers of The National Law Journal and the Chicago legal community.
We look forward to working with and soliciting feedback from the legal community to further increase lawyer and notary subscriptions on TELUS Assyst Real Estate.
More than 100 lawyers attended the event, including women who have shaped the direction of the legal community in Hillsborough County: Carolyn House Stewart, the first female African American assistant state attorney; Julianne Holt, the first female public defender; and Kay McGucken, the first president of HAWL.
This is what the Legal Awards has come to epitomise; the region's legal community coming together as a collective group to celebrate the achievements of firms and individuals over the last 12 months.
9) Some in the legal community feel that such dangers in digital photography overall necessitate different treatment under the Rules of Evidence.
In 2001, the legal community repeated the success of the Justice Miller Build by engaging in the Justice Sinclair Memorial Build.
Kluwer Academic Publishers (KAP) consists of: Kluwer International Law, the publisher of a variety of resources for the international legal community, including more than 4000 books, journals, looseleaf and electronic products in all areas of practice; Kluwer, the publisher of more than 700 journals and 20,000 books in the life sciences, humanities, physical science, biomedicine and engineering; and, Kluwer Plenum, including units Plenum Publishers, Human Sciences Press and Consultants Bureau.
The rapid growth of the use of arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in lieu of litigation means that the business world, the legal community and the broader public need an easy and efficient way of finding qualified dispute resolution professionals," said ADRWorld.
Each year at the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) Annual Convention, individuals and organizations are honored for their contributions to the Hispanic legal community.
21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The legal community in California, is taking notice of one law firm which is sky rocketing rapidly in prominence and respect.
Social Esquire will bring together members of the legal community to raise funds and awareness about breast cancer at the First Annual Pink Gavel Luncheon October 23 in Miami Beach.
In order for BLS to achieve one clear unified voice for our regional legal community we have recognised the need to be more inclusive of other legal practitioners, including barristers and legal executives.
The weekly newspaper is being targeted to the legal community in Boston and surrounding counties in Eastern Massachusetts and will have an initial controlled circulation of 15,000 lawyers, judges, law students and legal professionals throughout the area.
Judge Byram will be missed by his colleagues, the court's staff and all his friends in the legal community,'' Bradley said in a statement.
We are of course pleased to be able to provide much needed services and to offer a discount through the New York City Bar Association to the City's legal community," says Link Translations CEO Evren Ay.