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Walzer also enthusiastically noted "the fading of religion in general and Christianity in particular from the public sphere--classrooms, textbooks, legal codes, holidays, and so on.
We have launched, last month, a campaign that aims at deciding a specific legal code to protect women from familial violence, after working with a few judges and specialists," Rouhana said.
The groups, American Vision and the Plymouth Rock Foundation, are aligned with the so-called "Christian Reconstructionist" movement, whose adherents seek to replace American democracy with a theocracy based on their interpretation of the Old Testament's legal code.
But he has to find a way to do it which is acceptable to all sides, especially his own people whose lives are governed by such a savage legal code.
legal code definition of ounaccompanied alien childreno (UAC) as under 18 years old with no legal immigration status in the U.
Topics discussed include the death penalty and legal culture in early modern China, capital punishment in seventeenth and eighteenth-century Korea, images of capital punishment in early illustrated histories of China, the social history of capital punishment in Japan, law improvement in modern China, the Nepalese legal code, and Early Korean legal traditions.
While critics have denounced the CIA operated drones for not observing any legal code, the new aircraft is operated by US Air Force personnel who follow a legal code, which includes international obligations observed during an armed conflict.
It would be a daunting task to draw up a complete legal code, updating Welsh law, and compressing 5-600years of development into a few.
Reproductive health" and "responsible reproduction" are the legal code words used in UN documents and policies to justify the brutal forced abortion, sterilization, and other population control measures promoted by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) in China and other countries.
Under their view, democracy should be scrapped and replaced with a theocratic state based on a literal reading of the Old Testament's legal code.
For over a hundred years after America's founding, no one questioned the intent of the "establishment clause" nor the notion that, while America recognized no official religion, the United States and her form of government were fundamentally Christian, enshrining Christian values in her legal code and recognizing the Judeo-Christian God as the supreme authority over the affairs of men.
Probably in recognition of the legal right, explicated in the Leyes de Toro (a legal code of 1505 that dealt primarily with issues of property and inheritance), that provided that a woman's dowry could be paid, if necessary, from the rents and appraisal of the property contained in the mayorazgo, the court discredited Antonio's claims.
Rushdoony, the author of dozens of books, advocated scrapping democracy and adopting a legal system based on the legal code of the Old Testament.