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a document stating the facts and points of law of a client's case

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Councillor Chatburn received the legal brief the day before he was removed from the planning committee after he switched political allegiances from Conservative to UKIP.
The legal brief signed by Republican conservatives deals with one of the cases, an appeal of a ruling earlier this year by the Ninth U.
AFGE also is supporting efforts to strike down the 2008 ballot initiative that declared same-sex marriage illegal in California, and filed a legal brief in 2011 in a separate case brought by federal employees with same-sex spouses and survivors of federal employees who have been denied federal benefits under DOMA.
Councillors who received the "privileged" legal brief were forbidden from discussing it with anybody who was not also a member of the planning committee, and told "this would be a breach of the Members' Code of Conduct and may further prejudice the council's position at the forthcoming appeal".
4, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- While researching the scandal of the Catholic Health Initiatives legal briefs which denied the personhood of unborn children, Personhood USA has learned that the same Colorado hospital chain may be allowing or participating in abortions on the Catholic hospital grounds.
In 1991, he co-authored a legal brief asking the Supreme Court to toss out years of precedent governing church-state relations.
Ah, but the Bush administration somehow overcame that instinctive aversion when it filed a legal brief claiming that the president and his military subordinates can designate any individual an "enemy combatant" and detain him indefinitely -- and that such a designation cannot be challenged in court (see the article on page 29).
Yet all prosecutors need to construct clear, compelling cases; and Firewall, Walsh's attempted coup de grace, at times reads so much like a rambling legal brief that the charges are difficult to decipher, and the conclusions murky.
FreedomWorks has already submitted to the Supreme Court a legal brief arguing that Obamacare is unconstitutional.
AMFA said it will file a "friend of the court" legal brief in the federal district court of New York, which has scheduled a hearing on Friday morning, August 25, based on Northwest's appeal of the August 17 bankruptcy court order that the court had no authority to prevent AFA from striking in response to the contract imposed on AFA by Northwest.
4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Editorial staff and advisors at The Green Bag Almanac & Reader have singled out Dallas attorney Tom Melsheimer for excellence in legal writing based on an unconventional legal brief filed on behalf of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shortly after the team won the 2011 NBA championship.
The Casenote Legal Brief talks about duty: "Did there exist a duty by [the railroad] to Mrs.
Laycock, who is writing a legal brief opposing government display of the Ten Commandments for the Baptist Joint Committee, added, "For the seriously religious, the words of the Ten Commandments are pretty heavy stuff.
But Allan Sigel, an attorney representing many of the remaining residents, said he was most concerned with a legal brief Lockheed attorneys filed Friday that will seek to throw out the remaining cases.
This latest work, however, lacks the plausibility of a good legal brief, failing to pass what lawyers call "the straight face test' (i.