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Supply pork chilled (pork leg bone condition thermal chilled, shoulder of pork with bone condition thermal chilled, pork thing (80% meat, 20% fat) when thermal chilled, neck boneless pork able Thermal chilled, boneless pork chops able thermal chilled).
A team of palaeontologists on Tuesday unearthed a huge bunch of dinosaur bones, including leg bones and three bones of cervical vertebrate, that could shed light on the life of the extinct creature.
The kneecap itself attached to the top of the leg bone.
The man pushed him in front of an on-coming bus which crushed his leg bone and knee.
Most of us have sung the chorus of the African-American spiritual Dem Dry Bones sometime in our lives: Toe bone connected to the foot bone, foot bone connected to the leg bone, leg bone connected to the knee bone .
Decreased soluble protein content and peptide content were observed in chicken leg bone extract obtained under higher heating temperatures (90 or 100[degrees]C) and longer heating durations (10 or 15 min).
Immy Price, nine, Billy Thomas-Connolly and Mary Barker, both seven, found two teeth and a leg bone belonging to a 40,000-year-old cave bear, which hunted on the Bristol Downs.
The kids found a leg bone and wanted to bring it home but I managed to stick it back in the ground as best as I could.
The dramatic trial opening heard that Boyle's son-in-law had stumbled across a skull, leg bone and Mrs Boyle's clothes in a drum and a wheelie bin in 2006.
They found four neck vertebrae, a portion of a leg bone, and nearly a dozen ribs.
CONTRACTORS preparing ground for a gas pipeline yesterday dug up a human leg bone.
As long as we all remember that the foot bone's connected to the leg bone, and the leg bone's connected to the hip bone, etc.
A very large ham with the whole leg bone and everything.
puppy Tiny Tim's leg bone has continued to grow after amputation.
In some cases, we might find a tooth or a leg bone,'' he said.