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9) In each plot, the leftmost red dot is the annualized change in employment from 2000 to 2008 (in millions), and the other dots are the year-by-year changes from 2008 to 2014.
Feet are classified as 'left-headed' (the leftmost rhyme is stressed) or 'right-headed' (the rightmost rhyme is stressed) (Crystal, 2003).
Type A: Move the rightmost letter to the left word edge example: AEGEAN Type B: Move the leftmost letter to the right edge example: GNOMON Type C: Move either the leftmost letter to the right edge or the rightmost letter to the left edge example: PAPA
Then, simply delete the topmost row and the leftmost column.
As in Figure 5, the leftmost bars in Figure 6a show that the [DELTA][h.
By, doing this, we shall know the index rightmost and leftmost point of the ROI.
I am fed up with the near misses we face, as drivers just change lanes indiscriminately or suddenly decide that they want to take the next exit, when they are in the leftmost lane of a six-lane highway.
On the other hand, an outcome on the leftmost tail might result in a material reduction in the clients' net worth.
Although he was already the author of many victories, most notably the Battle of the Nile in 1798, he was seated in a very modest position near the bottom of the leftmost of the inner two sprigs as one faced the top table.
But apparently, in broadcasting circles, the left-hand position signals seniority, with viewers, influenced by a lifetime of reading from left to right, conditioned to perceive the leftmost presenter as superior.
On the leftmost wall is a lone workbench, where the real estate is being taken up by projects in progress, nuts, bolts, wires and tools.
In the leftmost, a female swimmer glides over an artificial reef of jettisoned automobiles, each a 1949 Mercury 8 bearing the astronomical symbol for the planet Mercury.
Assign the first two points to the leftmost leaf, the next two points to the second leftmost leaf, and so on.
The shifting reels feature causes the leftmost reel to disappear, the other four reels to move left, and a completely new reel to appear on the right.
The leftmost pane in figure 2, shows the documents and web pages that have a positive DOI.