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farthest to the left

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Effect of Glyph Training in the Absence of Staged Testing per Stimulus Domain The leftmost pair of bars in each panel of Fig.
For example, if the book is listed at the leftmost position, then its co-purchase rank is assigned a 1.
The spray line begins from the rightmost edge of the tree and ends at the leftmost edge.
Near the bottom right corner in the leftmost image in Fig.
In the CAAQES test chamber, only a fraction of the chamber contains the dust cloud at the time of ignition, as shown in the leftmost frame in figure 2.
At the leftmost wing, various programmes and parlour games for children are being held on stage.
For a modern, well-maintained Boeing 777 operated by an airline based in the developed world and flown by expertly trained crew, on a clear day, San Francisco's 28L -- which gets its name from being oriented to 280 degrees on the compass, almost due west, and being the leftmost of two parallel runways -- should be a piece of cake.
The lowest-earning 20 per cent of the population earns 20 per cent of all income, so does the middle 20 per cent, and so does the top 20 per cent, and the top 1 per cent gets 1 per cent of all income; see the leftmost column in figure 1, labelled "Harrison Bergeron.
The leftmost third of this image is filled by a Congolese woman who walks as she breastfeeds her baby and carries her belongings.
On the leftmost side of the page within the Browse Communities box are several links that enable you to explore the site.
They find that sale prices drop discontinuously at exactly 10,000 mile odometer readings, consistent with customers focusing on the leftmost digit of the odometer reading rather than incorporating the full odometer reading into their valuation.
Users can find all options of the part number or part family when they type their query from the leftmost character to the right.
If we think of the leftmost and rightmost pairs of matches as supporting 'brackets' or 'braces', then we could potentially achieve a structural reorganisation which foregrounds the downward pointing triangles.
The TIC SLT indicated that foreign holdings of Treasury securities increased nearly $80 billion between September and December, the leftmost black bar.
Gradually, the FR-S' tail swings into my leftmost periphery, and its 215/45-17 Michelins chirp as they scramble for grip.