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Synonyms for lefty

a person who uses the left hand with greater skill than the right

a baseball pitcher who throws the ball with the left hand

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In the paper, Coren notes that his results might help explain why lefties are more common among mathematicians, architects, artists, and chess experts.
Lefties may be the minority, but they make up for it in star power.
Another purpose of Left-Handers' Day is to promote awareness among those who make things hard for lefties - especially teachers and school officials who may not know how difficult things can be for left-handed kids.
The new study, led by Ruth Propper, a psychology professor at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, found that among lefties, the two hemispheres of the brain communicate more with each other so have more interaction with the parts, which produce negative emotions.
Left-handers also excel in sport - famous lefties include tennis aces Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe and snooker stars Jimmy White and Mark Williams.
Perhaps the Neo-cons aren't as nave as the trendy lefties paint them.
And the one thing you never see him do is bail, which is something a lot of left-handed batters do against lefties.
They did not take into account that the elderly grew up in the days when lefties were forced to become right-handed at school.
Rod Laver, John McEnroe, Jimmy Conners, Guillermo Vilas, Ivan Lendl, Goran Ivanisevic, Thomas Muster and Martina Navratilova are among the legendary lefties.
The staff there are all left-handedand give advice to lefties of all ages.
With apologies to you lefties, 90 percent of the population is right-handed and right-footed.
Since September 11, I've been asked a couple of times about my patriotism and that of my fellow lefties and journalists.
We find it best to double up in each category, hopefully having two lefties and two righties who can spot-relieve, close, or set up.
After testing 42 lefties and righties, Dorothee found her bar graph is nearly the same for both.
Lefties, for example, know they have to use their right hand to open most doorknobs.