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Synonyms for left-wing

Synonyms for left-wing

believing in or supporting tenets of the political left

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According to a statement issued Tuesday by stakeholders at this meeting, this coordination committee also provides for the creation of regional and local committees to put the unifying process on the ground and to define the main lines of thought and the general policy of the left-wing party.
The organisation is different from the major left-wing guerrilla organisation CPI-Maoist involved in violent insurgency in several states of India, but which has been lying low in Telangana for more than a decade.
On Friday night, some 20 black-clad and hooded men with wooden clubs, harassed and attacked people attending a gathering of left-wing organisations at Tepak, slightly injuring four.
The former foreign secretary has made the comments in an article for The New Statesman, in a special feature on the future of left-wing British politics.
If the potential candidates for a joint left-wing nomination proposed by other formations were acceptable to the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), such nomination would have been agreed upon much earlier, Burudzhieva added.
Left-Wing Youth Politics, Leisure, and Sexuality in Post-Dictatorship Greece, 1974-1981" is a truly exceptional and deftly presented work of seminal scholarship and very highly recommended for academic library reference collections and Contemporary Greek Political & Social Issues supplemental studies reading lists.
As far as they are concerned, left-wing Labour have never done any wrong.
He is mild-mannered, reasonable, principled, honest and plain-speaking - no left-wing firebrand.
Alternatively, a left-wing coalition would remain in the EU, impose less severe austerity measures but for longer, and ensure that the UK remains intact for the foreseeable future.
Left-Wing Extremism and Human Rights: The Role of Civil Liberties Groups in Andhra Pradesh
I'd just like to say that I'm not left-wing in my politics.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Indian government on Tuesday said that anti-Naxalite operations in affected states, including the central state of Chhattisgarh, would be stepped up through the deployment of more paramilitary security forces and modern weapons, but ruled out using the Army to tackle the left-wing insurgency.
The same division applies with the Albanian parties, and BDI is told to be left-wing whereas PDSH a right-wing party.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Police, special forces and riot police conducted sweeping raids at dawn on Friday at numerous addresses in major cities to crack down on an outlawed left-wing group, with 55, including lawyers already detained.
PARIS -- Thousands of left-wing protesters took to the streets of Paris on Sunday to denounce the European Union fiscal pact forcing governments to stick to tough deficit limits.