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the status of being born of a morganatic marriage

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preference for using the left hand

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Of language and the prelinguistic left-handedness and "vocalissmus" at its source, he had something to say, would have apprehended the difficult fixative in.
The word sinister, of course, derives from the Latin for left and superstitions around left-handedness go back at least until Biblical times.
Front teeth from 17 European Neandertals that lived between 130,000 and 30,000 years ago revealed scratches consistent with right-handedness in 15 cases and left-handedness in two cases.
Dr Alan Searleman, from St Lawrence University in New York, has gathered evidence on the link between left-handedness and intellectual creativity and has discovered that they have a higher fluid intelligence, a better vocabulary and are better at problem-solving.
He also said the state ignored physical evidence that contradicted its theory - such as Monro's left-handedness.
The survey was published on International Left-Handers Day, with August 13 being the day to celebrate left-handedness.
The day is aimed at raising awareness of left-handedness and the challenges caused by living in such a right-handed world.
The chapters include discussion of the intense emotional responses surrounding sports, loyalty in the diehard fan, the brain's role in developing talent, the neuroscience of hitting a baseball, superstitions, performance enhancement using neuro-tropic drugs, and the high percentage of left-handedness in baseball.
The natural frequency of left-handedness appears to be between eight and 15 per cent.
Left-handedness is partly hereditary and has sometimes been linked with high IQ and creativity.
Joe Beimel, a middling reliever who has parlayed his left-handedness into enough jobs here and there to pile up more than three years of major- league service, pitched out of a sixth-inning jam he inherited from Brad Penny, then turned in a nifty, one-two-three seventh before giving way to a pinch hitter.
In other eras, disability and left-handedness were considered signs of sin (think of Colin in Secret Garden and how his physical healing depends on moral/emotional redemption).
It is hard to believe that just three generations ago left-handedness was so disapproved of that children were forced to write right-handed.
Annett (1985) has suggested that the 'right shift' factor that promotes dextrality is more strongly expressed in females than in males, a feature that could account for the apparent fact seen in family handedness studies that left-handedness is slightly more common in males than in females.