left-handed pitcher

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a baseball pitcher who throws the ball with the left hand

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A left-handed pitcher is less likely than a right-handed pitcher to throw to first base.
Clark, one of the wisest men in baseball, once told me, `Give me all the left-handed pitchers, and I'll beat you to death,'" Mauch said.
All batting orders contain a mixture of right- and left-handed hitters, and all pitching rosters contain a mixture of right- and left-handed pitchers.
a left-handed pitcher, the runner must start his glides as soon as he is certain the throw is going to the plate and not over to the bag for a pick.
During batting practice, we have our left-handed pitchers practice these pick-off moves in the bullpen area against our hitters, as shown in Photo 11.
Jackson was a classic left-handed pitcher in other ways, too.
Infielder Chris Truby, left-handed pitcher Kelly Wunsch and outfielders Tydus Meadows and Jon Weber will report to Dodgertown in Vero Beach, Fla.
To make room for Sorensen on the 40-man roster, the Angels released left-handed pitcher Tim Bittner, who was 1-7 with a 6.
Everything's good,'' Scioscia said of the left-handed pitcher, who was placed on the DL retroactive to July 25 with inflammation in his left elbow.
Milone, a left-handed pitcher and first baseman, was the Foothill League MVP this season.
Merricks returned: The Colorado Rockies offered Rule 5 draftee Matt Merricks, a left-handed pitcher, back to the Dodgers, who accepted.
Left-handed pitcher Keith Ramsey was assigned to Lancaster from Double-A Tennessee.
Smith to relieve: Newly added left-handed pitcher Matt Chico (USC) will take right-hander Sam Smith's spot in the JetHawks rotation.
Tennessee upset Arizona 1-0 in the tournament opener behind a one-hit shutout from left-handed pitcher Monica Abbott.
Notes: Left-handed pitcher Matt Chico (USC) was assigned to Lancaster and will join the team early next week.