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Synonyms for left-hand

intended for the left hand


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located on or directed toward the left

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I wish more holster manufacturers would join in making more left-hand models.
Unlike 'normal' keyboards, you'll find the numeric section on the left-hand side to make for a more comfortable typing experience.
The highlighted themes included Left-handers' Development: Interplay of Heredity Basis and Environmental Influences, Suppression of Left-hand, Support and Consideration, Feeling It Is Okay, Left-handers as Being Particular, Physical and Psychological Health Challenges, Agonized Life, Struggle for Maintaining Identity and Transforming Attitude, Attitudinal Barriers to Equality and Acceptance.
Without thinking, I switched over to using the alternative A4 pads, wirebound along the (long) left-hand edge.
Browning has added 12 new offerings to the T-Bolt rimfire rifle line that are sure to please left-hand shooters.
A LEFT-HAND TURN AROUND THE WORLD: Chasing the Mystery and Meaning of All Things Southpaw
RON Belcher, from Cheltenham, is looking for a left-hand drive Mercedes 190 to use abroad, but is puzzled that anything he has seen advertised costs much more than the right-hand drive equivalent.
With the left-hand preference established, the children were asked if their parents or teachers helped them make it easier to write or cut with scissors; they generally answered that it was their parents who had done so.
Whereas, it is the belief of those present that left-hand plows are nonessential; therefore, we, the undersigned manufacturers of left-hand plows, hereby agree with each other to discontinue the manufacture of left-hand plows as soon as the present stock of materials is exhausted.
With this combination, it would not have mattered whether his roster of batters faced a right- or left-hand pitcher; the expected payoff would have been the same.
Remember, this is a true left-hand version, so a lifetime of shooting right-handed .
Sculpted to fit the left hand, the Logitech(R) MX(TM)610 Left-Hand Laser Cordless Mouse provides the same advantages afforded to the right hand, with Logitech's precision laser tracking system, advanced cordless technology, navigation controls, and e-mail and instant message notifications.
Student and part-time lecturer Helen Albrow was lucky enough to be left to her own left-hand devices at school.
Sir Paul McCartney always stood out in the Beatles with his left-hand strung bass.