left wing

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those who support varying degrees of social or political or economic change designed to promote the public welfare


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From this landing one could pass to the right or left wing of the chateau by a gallery opening from it.
This sight, together with the routing of the enemy's left wing by Prince Edward, so cheered and inspired the royalists that the two remaining divisions took up the attack with refreshed spirits so that what a moment before had hung in the balance now seemed an assured victory for King Henry.
Now," said Tiktok to the captive Wheeler, "you must show us the way to the Left Wing.
While they were busy stripping the armour from these heroes, the youths who were led on by Polydamas and Hector (and these were the greater part and the most valiant of those that were trying to break through the wall and fire the ships) were still standing by the trench, uncertain what they should do; for they had seen a sign from heaven when they had essayed to cross it--a soaring eagle that flew skirting the left wing of their host, with a monstrous blood-red snake in its talons still alive and struggling to escape.
I took an early opportunity of testing that statement by stationing my friend Monsieur Hastings in the left wing of the building, just outside Mrs.
It would have been easy for Kirby, with his powerful frame, to have seized the moment to scale the bastion, and, with his great strength, to have sent both of its defenders in pursuit of the veteran; but hostility appeared to he the passion that the wood-chopper indulged the least in at that moment, for, in a voice that was heard by the retreating left wing, he shouted:
the left wing had in some mysterious way given at its edge and he was sweeping round and downward in an immense right-handed spiral.
Furthermore, Mr Campbell fears a failure to elect such a left wing government will potentially mark the demise of socialism in this country, delivering, as it would, Labour back into the hands of Blairites.
Paul, top, and Dara Mu On the oth the left wing and his pals s road in Dubli free of charg station witho a call.
The only way out of this austerity madness is to vote for left wing socialist parties like our very own workers party TUSC, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, who like all the left parties across Europe would end austerity once and for all.
I spent my life attempting to change the left wing.
During this inspection, he was assigned to look over the upper left wing surface area for any obvious defects.
The left wing dropped down, and he immediately lowered the nose and leveled the wings.
PRAGUE: Although the left wing of the Industrial Palace in Prague is now a pile of ashes, plans for the 2011 Prague Quadrennial International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture won't be halted.
Therein, carrying capacity, ecological overshoot and diminishing resources, are left wing plots at worst, and at best, a siren song to which we should block our ears.