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the cerebral hemisphere to the left of the corpus callosum that controls the right half of the body

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Sperry was forced to conclude that we have, in effect, two brains: the left brain processes or perceives verbal, analytical and abstract thinking, while the right side processes creative, non-verbal and concrete thinking.
Federmeier, as quoted in "The Truth About The Left Brain / Right Brain Relationship," 13.
The brain has a cycle of roughly two years, so first two years of life see right brain development dominate, age two to four sees left brain development dominate, four to six is back to right brain.
Likewise, the Henry Ford study shows most left brain dominant people also use the phone in their right ear, despite there being no perceived difference in their hearing in the left or right ear.
He survived an operation on his skull but has been left brain damaged with cognitive and communication difficulties.
In his third assertion, Pink states that as a result of our left brain orientation, automation has simplified the means to perform routine functions.
A little over two weeks after the stroke, surgeons removed a golf-ball-sized blood clot from Taylor's left brain.
And her daughter Joanne was left brain damaged following a prolonged seizure.
which creates the popular MindManager software, says mind mapping fully employs the analytical power of the left brain and the intuitive nature of the right brain, tapping into 99% of unused mental potential.
Educational Sessions Photo Workshop Left Brain Meets Right Brain Making the Most of Bad Photos Putting the Brand in Oregon From Student to Pro
The site offers a daily set of humorous anecdotes, inspirational thoughts and two puzzles--one intended to stimulate the left brain, and the other to stimulate the right brain.
FUNDRAISER: John Leape (left) whose dad, also called John (right) was left brain damaged after an assault
Imagine a pearl floating there, balancing the right and left brain and accessing both, resting in the neutral center point until information or intuition is needed.
And at that time I started reading neurology and I decided it was just my right brain talking to my left brain.
Holly who was left brain damaged, blind and epileptic after suffering a mystery illness at just eight weeks old.