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the side sheltered from the wind


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If you are deep in the woods, head for the leeward side of a hill or ridge as the wind will be less intense, or seek shelter by a large boulder or rock formation which could break the fall of large trees and branches coming down.
In a direction away from leeward side objects one can observe rise of surface soil temperature, and from windward side objects--vice versa, its decrease.
Rather than viewing the GBR as a fragile maze, however, mariners have come to view it as the leeward side of a safe-sailing channel.
he chose spartina, sea oats, flowering dune sunflower and purple-blossomed railroad vine, "really tough things that will grow in the sand," he says; and on the leeward side, green buttonwood, gumbo limbo and mastic trees.
A visit to the Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta, the highest peak in the National Park, can be in your itinerary -- on your way up and down the mountainous roads, keep a watch for the trunked ones, the scarce vegetation on the leeward side of the Nilgiris makes elephants relatively easier to be spot.
The arid leeward side of the Sierra Nevada range may have increased density altitude from a Bernoulli-like pressure reduction effect from mountain winds with dryer air.
Flexible yacht itineraries focus on the leeward side of the eastern-most Hawaiian Islands.
If you create a solid wind barrier with a wall or dense hedge you will not be stopping the wind, only shifting the problem by creating damaging turbulence on the leeward side.
Removing the split pins and releasing the backstay and leeward side stays was fairly easy, but the weather side stays proved to be the most dangerous with the mast surging back and forth inches from my head while I was occasionally swamped by the sea," recalls Mara Beddoes.
And where there's no softwood shelter, they'll find other means of protection, like the leeward side of hills or sunny (southern) slopes.
A few years ago Bees' midfield was staffed by the likes of Tristan Davies, Shaun Woof, Luke Nabaro and Suka Hufanga, men who had played professionally domestically and even internationally but who, with the exception of the latter, found themselves at Sharmans Cross Road on the leeward side of their careers.
From figure5 it can be seen at the windward side of convex B, there is nearly circle separate line, and there are two approximate symmetry vortexes Fb1 and Fb2 at the leeward side.
It highlighted differences and showed the leeward side might be susceptible to erosion because of less coral on the beach.
It's into that same prevailing wind that fresh snowfalls point, if you examine the drifts closely, and snow is deposited on the leeward side of obstacles.