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Synonyms for leek

plant having a large slender white bulb and flat overlapping dark green leaves

related to onions

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What are they and is there any point in growing leeks in my garden?
Edwards of Conwy in leeks deal with Welsh firm BLAS y Tir leeks are to experience a new lease of life, as a key ingredient in award-winning Edwards of Conwy sausages.
Under pressure from Demidh, Chapman sliced his kick, the ball eventually being cleared by the Leek defence, the home side going straight down the pitch and the ball broke to Johnson in the Dynamo penalty area, and the home forward rolled his shot home to give Leek the lead.
Leeks (Allium porum) are part of the Allium family, along with onions, garlic, shallots, and scallions.
A GARDENER has won special permission from government officials to send his giant leeks more than 6,000 miles to Japan.
As well as a leek class, there are a range of competitions to enter - onions, pea pods, tomatoes, the heaviest marrow, and the best misshapen vegetable.
Leek is delicious and like garlic and onion, it has its own distinct flavour.
I used to harvest leek seeds in October in a maple forest.
North Broomhill pensioner Geoff Moscrop produced a record-breaking three pot leek measuring 572 cubic inches - 40 inches bigger than the previous record which had stood for twelve years.
Philip Thon Leek, the MP representing Duk county in South Sudan's Parliament said James Cuei Leek was detained by opposition forces on Wednesday in Duk Payuel, located about 200km north of Bor, the capital of Jonglei state.
Remove tarts from oven and spoon the leek mixture in equally.
LEEK & POTATO SOUP Top and tail the leeks, and remove outer layer.
That's tight: ramps, or what's more commonly referred to as the wild leek.
Line loaf tin with cling film, then line with leek leaves.
Leek growers have launched a new sports-themed consumer campaign to tie into the 2012 London Olympics and promote fresh leeks during the British season.