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Synonyms for leech

Synonyms for leech

one who depends on another for support without reciprocating

to take advantage of the generosity of others

Synonyms for leech

carnivorous or bloodsucking aquatic or terrestrial worms typically having a sucker at each end

a follower who hangs around a host (without benefit to the host) in hope of gain or advantage

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Leech balanced this grim global picture by pointing out continuing growth in the U.
Father-of-two Michael Leech, who was also described as ex British Army special forces, died at the scene in Juba, where he was working for a security company.
OT's Emily McCormick speaks to the managing partner of Trotters, Eleanor Leech, about the sale.
Downton Abbey'' star Allen Leech has a winning way with accents.
It took Chris Stockton's side 20 minutes to break the deadlock through a fine finish from Ashley McCabe, which they increased via Ross Leech and Lewis Lister.
The younger members excelled and Seth Leech was a gold medallist in the 10-years section - achieving his gold in 50m fly.
A BACKPACKER brought an unwanted souvenir home from Vietnam - a three-inch leech wedged up her nose.
Jailing Stuart Leech for three years and two months, a judge told him that when a grown man assaults a baby, his culpability is ''off the scale'.
Srinagar, April 29 ( ANI ): Leech therapy is providing much needed relief to the patients suffering from various ailments here.
Henley-in-Arden Parish Council has lost a landmark battle against rebel Councillor Bill Leech after being branded 'dysfunctional' by Stratford District Council.
The first job for Cartrefi Conwy's newly-elected chairman Douglas Leech was to unveil plans for 100 new homes.
Wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Financial Corporation GMT Republic Aviation Ltd (GMT Global) on Wednesday said that it has appointed John Leech to its board of directors.
Endoscopic nasal examination with topical anesthesia (10% cocaine-epinephrine spray) revealed the presence of a living leech in the right inferior meatus (figure 1).
This was revealed by the president of the Chamber of Mines of Namibia, Mike Leech, at the chamber's annual general meeting held this week.