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presentation of an example of what the lecturer is discoursing about

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On the second day, May 15, next series of Lecture demonstration includes "Yes, you can do Bonsai
There are two laboratories for physics, one for electronics, three for biology, two for chemistry and a lecture demonstration room for chemistry.
Entertainment on the night includes top class show jumping, a display from the superdog team and a lecture demonstration on training show jumpers with
Brown noted that the forum presented at DMA's Teacher Training School in July was more of a lecture demonstration by NDEO.
Meanwhile, different PRC Chapters all over the country also held simultaneous activities on conducting free lecture demonstrations on first aid and BLS-CPR.
The Manila chapter conducted free lecture demonstrations on first aid and BLS-CPR at a mall while others held recruitment and first aid training activities in selected schools and barangays.
Anupama , a graded artiste of Doordarshan and an author, has presented several lecture demonstrations and seminars.
Rennie Harris Puremovement is a hip hop dance company dedicated to preserving and disseminating hip hop culture through workshops, classes, hip-hop history lecture demonstrations, long term residencies, mentoring programs and public performances.
Jyoti and Nikunj Parekh actively organise and promote Bonsai in India, by way of workshops, lecture demonstrations, and exhibitions.
Both held master classes and lecture demonstrations for students.
His lecture demonstrations include freezing bananas and using them to knock nails into wood and checking out calcium levels in bottles of water to see if their manufacturers are telling the truth.
This has given students on the contemporary dance programmes the chance to learn from the stars through masterclasses that involve lecture demonstrations, workshops and seminars.
Linton will long be remembered by generations of Acadia students for his vast knowledge of chemistry and his impeccable lecture demonstrations, the result of his practical skills and meticulous attention to detail.
Although the Web is a very dynamic medium, lecture demonstrations and step-by-step in-class exercises are typically controlled and linear.
During the festival weekend, visitors can enjoy free guided or self-guided tours of the collection and special lecture demonstrations.