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unrestrained indulgence in sexual activity

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Orgel identifies the bawdy planet as Venus: "the planet (Venus) that controls lechery will wreak destruction whenever it is in the ascendant" (The Winter's Tale, by William Shakespeare, ed.
26) The Bad Angel's odd comparison helps shed light on the completeness of Mary's subjugation: whereas before, she would have found a "kyng in tronys" more attractive or "semelyare" than the "frysch new galavnt" (491) who woos her in the tavern, the temptations of Lechery and Pride have now done their work.
He stressed that specifications and criteria for the candidate of the presidency include confidence, righteousness, fears lechery, keeping his door open before people, of good morals and appropriate educational qualification, modernized , broad-minded , have power of foresight initiative and experience.
The disintegration of families and lechery are related to the disgraceful Western civilization.
There are the torches of Herod's atrium of lechery and decadence, and later the clink of iron on stone in Pilate's city headquarters.
Reports from Boston to Los Angeles suggested he lived by lechery, fondling girl sophomores and the wives of deans with an obsessive disregard for anything but his own insatiable desires.
Director Jon Turteltaub undercuts the geriatric lechery with genuine sweetness.
After an Opening exploration of the myth of the courtesan, drawn from classical cultural and literary figures, the book includes chapters on the identification of lechery with syphilis in early English plays; sexual commerce and its consequences in London and Italy; English and Italian pornographic writings; dramatic representations of courtesans; and particular London courtesans who may have been personally known to Shakespeare and his contemporary playwrights.
Although Latin literature signals the existence of a famous image of Meleager (whose story is recounted in the Iliad) receiving oral sex from Atalanta, it does so in the context of the lechery and tyranny of the Roman emperor Tiberius.
Here are Christian's aristocratic enemies--'the Lord Carnal Delight, the Lord Luxurious, the Lord Desire of Vain Glory, my old Lord Lechery, Sir Having Greedy, with all the test of our nobility.
In the process of time, however, men left such devotion and used songs and dances and fell into lechery and gluttony turning the good, holy devotion into sin.
excessive cruelty and the poor Christians inevitable misery" and he describes the sultan's harem as cabin of lechery and carnal pleasure (94).
One of the youngest soaps is Hollyoaks, a compendium of lechery, fornication and other examples of a lack of restraint evidenced in the contemporary circles which leaves sex-saturated characters able to pursue their unihibited daily existences in the leafy areas of the city.
There is no difficulty about the Procession of the Deadly Sins, shambling two-by-two, bemired and slothful, but lashed forward through the fog by Satan amid the crowd's acclamations, over ill-doers' wreckage: Idleness and Gluttony, who introduce Lechery and Avarice, followed by Envy and Wrath--Gluttony lurching on the pig which carries him and swigging from a 'boozing-can'; Avarice counting his pennies upon his paralytic knees (I iv).
SAT, SKY ATLANTIC, 9PM The Borgias Jeremy Irons and Lotte Verbeek, pictured left, and the cast of the flashy Emmywinning period romp return for more tales of treachery, lechery and a crooked Pope.