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unrestrained indulgence in sexual activity

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They use the seven deadly sins damnable; as pride, covetise, wrath, and lechery.
From the bawdy houses of ill-repute in Venice springs a story of light and dark, where a young man Claudio is sentenced to death for lechery having impregnated his lover Juliet.
Jeet Heer displays the leisurely wit and wisdom of a polymath, writing about everything from Canadian culture and politics at large, to comics and science fiction, in his collection Sweet Lechery.
Mr Newmark's fresh disgrace comes as Westminster faces angry calls to crack down on a culture of lechery and sexism in the wake of several sex scandals, including accusations made against Lib Dem peer Lord Rennard by female party members.
Alexandra DiPalma trots out the old women's rights/men's lechery defense of wearing provocative clothing and insists on applying it to the educational setting.
It didn't take long for news of the lechery to spread, but even today, it's unclear if the incident wasn't just an elaborate piece of performance art for a fictional Franco film character.
It comes as Westminster faces angry calls to crack down on a culture of lechery and sexism in the wake of several sex scandals including accusations made against Lib Dem Lord Rennard by female party members.
Yet while some critics concede that the plot is gripping, others remain unsure if it is worth finishing such an unpleasant novel, full of "vile detail" and "filth, lechery and jealousy" (New York Times) just for a solution to a cliched whodunit plot.
He stressed that specifications and criteria for the candidate of the presidency include confidence, righteousness, fears lechery, keeping his door open before people, of good morals and appropriate educational qualification, modernized , broad-minded , have power of foresight initiative and experience.
The disintegration of families and lechery are related to the disgraceful Western civilization.
There are the torches of Herod's atrium of lechery and decadence, and later the clink of iron on stone in Pilate's city headquarters.
Reports from Boston to Los Angeles suggested he lived by lechery, fondling girl sophomores and the wives of deans with an obsessive disregard for anything but his own insatiable desires.
Director Jon Turteltaub undercuts the geriatric lechery with genuine sweetness.
After an Opening exploration of the myth of the courtesan, drawn from classical cultural and literary figures, the book includes chapters on the identification of lechery with syphilis in early English plays; sexual commerce and its consequences in London and Italy; English and Italian pornographic writings; dramatic representations of courtesans; and particular London courtesans who may have been personally known to Shakespeare and his contemporary playwrights.
The vices ascribed to friars in satirical writing, such as lechery, avarice, pride, wrath, and hypocrisy, are the very same characteristics we see attached to the flawed anti-heroes of fabliaux, and the unfolding of the typical fabliau plot could, therefore, not only be said to create a fictional space in which to expose, humiliate, and punish the wrongdoing of an individual friar, but also generate feelings of opprobrium and indignation against the corruption and moral laxity of the fraternal institutions more generally.