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any lichen of the genus Lecanora

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corticolous Flavoparmelia caperata (L.) Hale corticolous Flavoparmelia soredians (Nyl.) Hale corticolous Lecanora argentata (Ach.) Rohl.
For example Acarospora sinopica requires rocks that are rich with metals such as iron (Fletcher et al, 2009) and many species that are only known to occur on calcareous rocks [i.e., Caloplaca feracissima, Candelariella amella, Lecanora semipallida, Lecidella stigmalea, Placynthium nigrum, Proloblastenia rupestris, and Psora pseudorussellii) were found on concrete and limestone boulders that had washed ashore (Lendemer and Harris, 2008).
The analysis of each mesh revealed the presence of a greater or lesser number of Lecanora genus, This is due to different types of substrate surveyed.
This compound was first isolated from the lichen Lecanora hybocarpa, and it showed potent cytotoxicity against murine P815 mastocytoma cell line with [IC.sub.50] of 0.27 [micro]M (Ernst-Russell et al.
DIFFERENTIAL SPECIES AGAINST THE OTHER ORDERS ON STRONGLY ACIDIC ROCKS ARE NEUTROPHYTES OR CALCIPHYTES: Candelariella aurella, Lecania erysibe, Lecanora dispersa, Phaeophyscia orbicularis, Placynthium nigrum.
Dawson, "Predicted response of the lichen epiphyte Lecanora populicola to climate change scenarios in a clean-air region of Northern Britain," Biological Conservation, vol.
Lakshmi, "Antifungal activity in triterpene glycosides from the sea cucumber Actinopyga lecanora," Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, vol.
2007); these were predominantly foliose species with narrow lobes (Physcia and Dirinaria) and the crustose Lecanora (a lichen with relatively lower contact air surface).
"One of these is the lichen Lecanora sublivescens which can be found on the sunlit tree trunks at Gregynog.
The lichen Lecanora sublivescens is scarce on a world scale - and is only known to be here and in Southern Sweden."
viridescens), Saudi Arabia (Abuzinada & Hawksworth 1974, as Lecanora contorta), Abuzinada et al.